Be Thankful for What You Have

by Madison Reimueller

As the sky became dark so did my mind
with the haunting memories of what I left behind
the tears well in my eyes and I shiver at the thought
as my family gets caught
the cool breeze is like an icy cold ocean rushing to the sand
as it reaches my face I stand alone in this nightmare of a land
I realize they aren't coming back for my family is dead
the thought of it shoots knives through my head

the plane came down killing everyone I've ever known
like the world being thrown
overcoming the challenges is walking on thin air, impossible
the people that lost family and friends mourn and happiness seems not plausible

I try to keep a straight face as I think about the fun happy memories we had
even though I feel extremely sad
the racing, roaring, red lights come soaring past
with a blaring siren that came fast

the heartbreaking tragedy changed my life forever
where I lost my father and mother and will see them again, never
I wake up in a cold sweat and a hard breath
that dream was like real life and death

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