Love's Solemn Peace

by Jessamyn Smallenburg
(Ferndale, MI, U.S.A.)

Life is lived walking a fine line -
Between togetherness and aloneness and finding what's mine.

The nature of love is such that it is both private and bold -
It may be hidden, concealed, revealed, or told.

Beautiful poetry has been penned in celebration of love -
And many of us wear the love in our hearts like a glove.

Others don't understand what they feel when gripped with emotion -
Some suppress it, deny it, erupt fiercely from its deep ocean.

Love may be celebrated, condemned, misunderstood, decried -
Yet it remains, despite the controversies we experience inside.

Beyond every matter of concern for humankind -
None is more fiercely contended than the heart of the mind.

Nothing controls us quite so much as love -
For without it, no matter what we have, what riches -
We are alone.

Life is lived walking a fine line -
Between togetherness and aloneness, and finding what's mine.

And what's mine is the mingling of souls, a dwelling within -
Of two hearts stepping over the line, a togetherness to begin.

A spiritual reaction, a deep fusion of two souls -
And a love that ends all controversy, and harmony controls.

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