MOM'S Sugar Babies Sweeten the Kiddies Sugar Daddies & Riddles

by Robin Carretti
(Hightstown, NJ)

We're kids were smart thinkers sugar eyes.
Trains light up like blinkers
Finger baby licks of ginger bread house
Sugar babies’ sleep hearts contend quiet mouse
Mom and Dad act like kid performers
Smart kids turn them into avenger transformers
Mom’s coffee sugar lover cup heart showing
Sweetness white light just knowing
Breathless excitement* sugar babies delight*
Satisfying better and better sugar flight
Sweeten up kids pouring sugar yummy kite
Kids flying sugar high, smile so bright

Worth loving every day good pampering
Smells of spices stains of love hampering
Clean cute dresses, sugar cinnamon messes
Boys stained their pants lifted eye expressions
You’re under a kid’s spell good intentions
Baby first steps history gold shoe
No baby blues sugar licks Flash in the news
Sugar babies growing into walkie talkies
Those kiddies take more love sweets
Sleigh riders laughing snow babes sugar sleet

Sugar daddies turn them into army rookies
Mom Robin tweet little boy Charlie sweet
Baked organic love sugar cookies
Dads king of riddles tickles and tickles
Love watching kids faces get inside
Curious George places
Gratifying embroidered baby blanket cupid earth
Sugar packs first baby teeth smiles world worth
Growing love hairs planted baby seed tears
Easter sugar bonnets babes of bunnies
Sugar babies of the planets

_________ Running _________

Kaleidoscope colors of sugar smiles
Sugar daddy watching them jumping in tiles
Trumpet playing so cosmic baby cuddle
Sugar Daddy baby time for a riddle
Tenderness of two baby hands painted wall
How sweet it is baby crib baby cheeks laid
Brooklyn kid fall sugar coated band aid
New England town kids tongues of sugar mill
Holland mill turns and turns good earth sugar grain
Choo Choo Charlie sound of a sugar train Daddies
Enlighten family of togetherness New York cabbies
The sky filled hope and everlasting sweetness
No love of weakness new flavor blending
Family love to the last drop sugar never ending

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