Oh! Goth Mother Be Unfair

by Robin Carretti
(Hightstown NJ)

Dammit What a Goth God Mother

Dammit What a Goth God Mother

The Goth Odds

Warlocks Gothic Gods

All Odd Mom’s

Unearthed Mummies

The humans became the


Heavy metal drums

Dark glitter metal gum

Where are we really from

Goth Google Zombies

love deceased hobbies

She’s breasted to starve

in her portal gin metal

To rebuild shield

never to be yellow yield

What’s to forget to believe

Death hand to hold

Believing is deceiving

Oh! Goth Mother be unfair

We don’t care to be fair

We are Goth ghostly

Were not being tested
So damn costly

All arrested world dominated

Artist Goth graphics
Battling Moms satanic

Earring in her nose muse

Christmas time Rudolf

the shock of a fuse

Another pill dose
Spiderweb vase
All to face graveyard

Goth images on the billboard

Dark cabs of traffic dying rose

Dark fetishes unfair death wishes

Protested Oh! Goth Mothers invested

Goth memory the scars

Motorcycle "Hell" handlebars

Bereavement Goth Mothers of the

All Pewter GodMother lover’s

All cradled Darkstar babies

All “Scars” Ghostly and left with

Godmother of death roses

Goth Moms in all fairness
Have the best dead poses

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