Snow Leopard Godly LIGHT

by Robin Carretti
(Hightstown NJ)

Moving on with such miraculous power
refresh my steps took a shower
Home-body Roar book opening up my mind
Racing like a Cheetah claw scratch I needed to patch
things up.
Taking courageous sip Leopard cup
Don't give up words came to me
Can we compare ourselves 2 Snow Leopard?
Working hard
Move forward
Exotic creature night air down 2 his paw

Is this has last claw? So isolated needed his mate
Godly light powerful fate
enter's long stretch he builds up his arm's

Smoke smother's your light deathly cold-air
Needed hot steaming tea tigress hair
Snow leopard brushed against you behind
Scared to death face needed healing
Remembering a time had more meaning
First baby steps he showed another light
You owned the stage tigress at night
But he was like your savior godly light
Deep chilly stormy night were stepping on
someone's love paws was this your last call
Ferocious Ball
Snowy divine Masquerade dressed
Spinning like a spiral staircase mess
Snow leopard caught you off-guard
She's singing loud roar touched some mink
Being with the wrong animal what do you think??
Spots raced toward you overcoat 4 leaf Clover
So Lucky he spots you like no other

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