Vacant Shelves

by Morgan Govier
(British Columbia)

Waiting in silence for the light to disperse.
Flickering softly,
And emptiness takes its place,
Acknowledging the apathy of the bare halls.
The comfort of solitary presence.
Alone again.

Searching for something so chimeric, unreal.
But all that awaits a pair of shaking hands,
Is an absence of an open heart.
A cold body, once strong, now falls apart.

Through years of knowing nothing more,
Than abandonment and vacant shelves,
Love was forgotten like everything else.
A voice unheard until it met its own demise.

A glimpse of hope ends in broken dreams.
Failure is more natural than fortune ever known.
No arms to catch a limp body as it falls,
To hell's depths where a corrupted mind finally feels

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