Waterway Robbery

by Aimee Keegan
(Ballincollig Cork Ireland)

A pike in the river has cornered a carp
"Five pound's or your life and you'd better look sharp!"
The carp gasped and bubbled
"Five pounds but I'm clean I don't carry money I haven't a bean!"
The pike grinned
"No matter they say carp's quite tasty"
"Oh give me a chance"
begged the carp "Don't be hasty"
"Just wait here one minute and as quick as a flash I'll go and come back with the relevant cash"
"OK" hissed the pike
"One minute you've got to
pay me before thing's start getting hot.
Now scram!" The carp did
and as fast as you like returned with a fiver
to pay off the pike.
Who left in a swirl of his emerald flanks...
"Thank goodness the carp thought
that river has bank's!"

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