$$$ Bags

by Anthony Desmond
(Center Line, MI, USA)

A curmudgeon, to caliginous moon
Shine downs the throat of apathy
And into the spines of Somalian
Bloodlines like fish freshly paralyzed
Hoppin' for breath just across
From a fine mansion with a moat
Genius! True genius like a nonchalant
Einstein with eyes made of diamond
George Washington for skin
And sheep's fur atop his skull
Under the microlens dead skin cells
Nickels & dimes of a quarter
Credit rating for inflatable baboons floating
With greed as in deadly sin merging
With an amendment
Our office cut like unwanted limbs
Dressed in pressed suits
Disfigured bodies packed in briefcases
And returned in such disorder
Killing the lower class dysmorphic pleasure

© Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.

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