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If it is October 31st, it is time for Halloween Poems! The writers at My Word Wizard have assembled a wonderful collection of jokes, sayings and poetry dedicated to celebrating this most ghoulish of days!

The custom of dressing up in costumes for the holiday (and indeed all holidays) originated in Europe in the middle ages. The word Halloween itself was first used in the 16th century, and is actually a Scottish version of the English All Hollows Eve.

The tradition spread across the Atlantic to the United States and Canada where, in 1927, the first known use of the term "trick or treat" occurred (Alberta, Canada).  The holiday soared to new levels of revelry in the New World.

In various parts of the world different foods are associated with the holiday. In England the eat bonfire toffee, while in Scotland and Ireland they serve candy apples and toffee apples. In the American and Canadian version, children are accustomed to candy corn, candy pumpkin and caramel apples. No matter what type of food you eat, it is all delicious and makes the holiday that much more enjoyable.

We think you will enjoy this very special catalogue of verses penned especially for the holiday of ghosts and goblins, witches and jack-o-lanterns.

Enjoy the day and remember, only trick or treat at the homes of people you know.

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Halloween Sayings : Whether they're ghots or goblins, vampires or witches, our jokes and sayings will keep you in stiches! The writers at My Word Wizard have put together an amazing collection of sayings that will help make the holiday even more fun. Enjoy trick or treating and remember, only take candy from people you know. Have a wonderful day!

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Witches Kettle 
Witches kettle in the sky. Their morbid exuberance, Running high. Sooty, tattered rags, They would call gowns, Flowing behind them, Leaving trails …

The House on Lonely Hill 
After going around the town, there’s one more Halloween thrill. The kids march through the woods to the house on Lonely Hill. But they always return …

Night Walk 
As I walked down the leaf bestrewn path The trees seemed to show their wrath As the wind violently attacked In the obscure pitch black The nearby …

Halloween Poem 
On that night of Halloween is it really such a fright when a vampire comes up to wish you good night

The Children of the Night 
The moon is full and shining, it fills us with delight. It's time we went out hunting, we children of the night Listen to us calling. The night …

In the summer I run through a meadow of sunflowers and I feel them between my toes, I'll pick a bouquet for my mom and hope that I'll be one, maybe some …

Trick Or Treat Smell My Feet Or I Won't Give You One To Eat!

Halloween Night 
I went to your house on Halloween night, But those things on your lawn gave me such a fright. I walked to your house dressed like a zombie, But instead …

dance macabre 
ding, a-ding, ding midnight's 12 chimes, time to rise for Halloween time, ding, a-ding, ding footstep's creak, time for skeletons to rise from their …

My Little Fools 
Have you? --- Have you ever been scared? I ask you again, my poor little friends have you ever been scared? Hiding – buried deep in the cupboard …

Thing's that make you scared, Loud noises that you listen to. Make you feel you're all prepared, Then you jump at anything said to you. Now these …

This thing always has a smile, This thing you can chase for a mile If you try to flee Thing will get you, just wait and see, Thing lives in the …

Halloween Night 
It is almost midnight I walked to the porch with fright I am full of fear Instead of ringing the bell I stand in place silence fills the neighborhood …

Haunted mouse Not rated yet
You see this haunted house And this little crawling mouse But you're not scared of it Oh no you aren't But little did you it is going to chant A …

All Hallows Eve Not rated yet
Bubbling ghoul, shooting stars, wicked signs of hallow nights. Come closer ......... Screaching cries, beating wings, monsters fly. Come closer.......... …

Girls Of Halloween Not rated yet
Far back in the graveyard A chill was in the air Three Webster County girls were Playing “Truth or Dare” Sounds of restless spirits Echoed through …

DARK OF NIGHT Not rated yet
Deep in the dark of an October night, We wait to see the nocturnal light, A slight glow from the forest comes, Creeping along the ground it runs, With …

Zen for Halloween Not rated yet
A chill coursing through autumn air. Arbor'l canopies going bare. Halloween's the holiday... for what ne'er takes a holiday.

Halloween comes but once a year it always, always fills me with fear Goblins don't frighten me too much and not afraid of a ghostly touch I guess …

The Legend of Fred Begins .... Not rated yet
" A night for the strangest things to happen " It was that special night… Of fright and delight…. The kind that most children enjoy… Where …

Boo to You!  Not rated yet
I do not know why But ghosts can fly They can attack you By simply yelling Boo!

Halloween Not rated yet
Halloween season is coming soon Darkness will cover the moon The creatures of the after life Are coming back to hunt you down Therefore you must …

haunted house Not rated yet
There's a house upon the hilltop We will not go inside For that is where the witches live, Where the ghosts and goblins hide. Tonight they have their …

Warning of a black Cat Prose Not rated yet
*a fictional story but based on a true event in my life. Silvery flakes drifted down glistering in the bright light of the moon. The black …

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On Halloween Night Not rated yet
It’s Halloween Night, when all’s a’fright, with witches and goblins and ghosts about. The ghouls are grinning, vampires are drinking, while little …

BOO! Not rated yet
Blood is red Spiders are blue My costume is Spiderman How about you?

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