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The Poetorialist
The Journal of the My Word Wizard Community of Writers

The Poetorialist
Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Poetorialist, the online journal of the MWW community. This publication was initiated as a means to recognize the tremendous work of so many of our colleagues. Barely a day goes by when they don't teach us something new about our craft.

If we have in any way stirred you to write, we have achieved our mission. Poetorialist November 2011 Poetorialist November 2011


The Wizards
Featured Poets

Christopher ReilleyChristopher Reilley
Currently the Poet Laureate of Dedham, MA, Christopher Reilley is a long time prepress tech, print geek and former self publisher, now a father and poet. He describes himself as a conglomeration of everything he has ever done, seen, felt, caused, experienced, observed and survived... More

Gay Reiser CannonGay Reiser Cannon
Born in Kansas City, MO, Gay Cannon grew up in Texas, where she received a BA in English Literature from the University of Houston. A member of several writer's groups, Gay's poetry can be found in numerous small magazines and online publications.  Married to the late Don Cannon, a professor of electrical engineering, she is the mother of a daughter, and two sons... More

Parrish LanternParrish Lantern
Parrish Lantern is the pen name of Gary Moon, a poet from Canterbury, England. A prolific writer, blogger, and Twitterer, his splendid work can be found on the pages of MWW. He spends his days as a Day Center Officer working with young adults with learning difficulties. Gary is a married father of a 10 year old daughter who he describes as 'the bane and unconditional joy of my existence... More

Nota Bene

Anna LoveringPoetry from our pages
Anna Lovering is a highly talented writer/artist from Texas, who explores her creative impulses through various mediums such as black and white photography, ceramics, drawing, watercolor, metallurgy, oil painting, acrylics, pastels, music, and creative writing... More

Christine Redderoth-RoderickThe Completionist Poet
Christine Redderoth-Roderick is a Connecticut based poet who spends her working hours helping children with learning disabilities.  A mother of two teenage daughters, Christine was an avid writer before starting a family. She was inspired to revisit her craft when she discovered MWW writing prompts... More

Who are we?Who are those wizards?

From the very start of this endeavor we have hidden behind our nom de plume. The time has come to emerge from our  castle and expose ourselves to the light.  In each forthcoming issue we shall peel away a piece of the onion until we our divulge our full identities. 

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