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Welcome to Poets and Dreamers, the official blog of the My Word Wizard Community. We are very proud to include the latest published poetry submissions from the amazing writers who are such an important part of our extended poetry family.

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She is my cousin. I love her so much. She is my angel. When I hear her name, My heart cries. She is as sweet as candy.

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Light Rain. Again.

Rain came lightly down / / / / / / / Only seven drops #haiku 5-/-5

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The Predator

Clandestine crawling. The prey's prayers are futile. Malicious mauling.

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Nature gleams brightly, Take a walk and you will see. Just us, you and me.

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Spring Tradition

Hokku or haiku Japanese tradition stands #Cherryblossoms fall #haiku 5-7-5 English Hokku or haiku Nipponjin dentõ tatsu Sakura ochiro 5-7-6 Japanes

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Oblivious pond Fish tail flashes, unaware Exists little known Oblivious bass Sheltering trees, hidden pond Wild life all its own #haiku(s) Double haiku

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Soft Winds

The wind blows soft It must be very exhausted From all the blowing.

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April's Healing

Rain falls down, flooding The pores of the Earth nourished Plants rise up and dance

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The Boat

The Boat drinks the water It dancing out on the water The wind keep it moving

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The wind is tired There is nothing moving now Breezes are at rest.

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Night Rain

Vertical light shards Raining down in the blackness Moth drawn to brightness

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Grey to blue

The day is cloudy, No worries, I have Sunshine In my heart, always

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Monsoon Gets Annoyed

Baby cries for food draught ruined the rice crop dry land and no monsoon

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Autumn is coming Summer is coming to end It is very cold

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On The Sea-Beach

High sea waves prance shark and dolphin sail away mollusks creep on sand

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The Tear

Rolling down Envelops my sorrow Cools my heart.

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It's Snowing

Green leaves are glowing Snow covers mountain peaks valley celebrates

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Celestial Journey

It's kind of blurred up there, can't figure it out. Galloping on the wings of fire, flying with the gods,

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Sometimes I See

Sometimes I see feelings as dances, I watch each emotion as it prances. Sometimes I see visions of the future, but I keep it to myself to see it act out.

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The Bee

Buzzing in the spring Hovering over flowers Honey is its trade

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What you do right now Is the most important time of all. The past may be full of regrets. The future is not yet set. Have you learned anything at all Or

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Taco Tom

There once was a Taco named Tom- He loved his burrito mom- Living at Taco Bell- Just a tortilla shell- He took an enchilada to prom.

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Girls Of Halloween

Far back in the graveyard A chill was in the air Three Webster County girls were Playing “Truth or Dare” Sounds of restless spirits Echoed through the

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Witches Kettle

Witches kettle in the sky. Their morbid exuberance, Running high. Sooty, tattered rags, They would call gowns, Flowing behind them, Leaving trails of,

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Deep in the dark of an October night, We wait to see the nocturnal light, A slight glow from the forest comes, Creeping along the ground it runs, With

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Oh great Shark,I can see you eating fish in the middle of the night, then later you lay as still as a rock going to sleep,nighty night, but in the morning

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The Signs of A Genius.

The one and half-year-old toddler, Meenu stands on the sofa. She sees around her with a curiosity looks at each one there There are her mom, dad

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My Science Teacher!!!

The second smallest planet,mars; has a lots of craters, many scars. this is what you taught; which heated our brains hot. You frown, listening to the

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Teacher Thank You Poem

Teacher teacher wisdom preacher. Thank you for the knowledge you share, you must know I truly care. My middle school days are drawing near, join me as

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My Lifetime Buddies - My Sisters

Without you, this home looks so vacant, Everyone else is here but you are absent. When we meet, we fight, we defend, We enjoy as we are forever friends.

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My Sister, My Best Friend

You came into my life and I had a reason to always look back Knowing that I had someone watching me. You’re my everything and all the time we share is

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I Love You

Jenny you are an amazing sister. I can't wish for a better sister just than you jenny. I love you so much you are awesome, beautiful, caring. You make

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Happy Birthday To My God Sister

As I sit here and reminisce on our past. How times have flown by and life moves fast. I can remember yelling and shouting, as the boys run down the field

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Mother you are a heart-healer grief-stealer mother you are a pain-stealer and stone eater. You are my nurse in the night you make my nightmares flee.

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Diamonds in the sky

Diamonds sparkle Diamonds shine Diamond Diamond I am going to make you mine Diamonds gleam Diamonds beam Diamond Diamond please don't make me screa

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The Mailman Did Not Call

The day is nearly over The mailman did not call You would think I'd be used to this But no not at all For I was secretly hoping There would be a knock

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Cosmic love

I want to hear the music of Your voice in the silence of Your eyes shrining You kiss I sail through the sounds of cosmos and drown in the harmony of Your

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Our Daily Bread

Lord we thank you for our daily bread And the anointing that you poured over our head To protect us from things we can not see For you are the Word that

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My Family - A blessing which never leaves me!

You have seen, my rise and fall, But never did you leave me at all. Alone, I wanted to climb the wall, Not knowing that with every rise, there can be

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Once a hen heard two wise men talk of how They had made a holy vow To find the new King of the Jews and to him bow So the hen, being curious, found

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Like Gold...

I've known pain I've known fear more chilling than the harmattan air Pain, fiercer and harsher than the whips of a thousand horsemen My soul sank deep

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Could you love a G?

If you think you could love me, there's some things to consider Sometimes I might struggle, others I'll be the big hitter My emotions run deep, and no

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It's Almost Christmas!

It’s almost Christmas, it’s almost here, the stockings are up, our hearts filled with cheer. We started our shopping way back in November, we’re lucky

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The First Man I Ever Loved

As being adopted I was a special child already. When my dad picked me up ÀND I saw his eyes I knew then I was in love with

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The light of my eye, the cheer of my day, my life, my world, my everything

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Reflections of A Kid

Lay your eyes upon the glass What do you see Do you know who you are Do you know what you are made of Do you know why you are here Do you know how much

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I love my mom my mom is cool and now its time for having fun at school, I love my dad he is a lad and his song is getting very sad, I love my nan

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A Mother's Love..

You did all your best to give me life, you knew what I needed and that was never to be alone. I was with you for nine months and for me, it seemed like

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Sing an Easter Song

Sing a little Easter song; Joyously sing it all day long; Sing of what the whole world knows; Christ the lord this day arose. Joyously sing it loud and

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