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Welcome to Poets and Dreamers, the official blog of the My Word Wizard Community. We are very proud to include the latest published poetry submissions from the amazing writers who are such an important part of our extended poetry family.

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Greatest Speech

I sit there holding my paper getting ready to give the best speech of my life, my sweaty palms cause my paper to become dampened and now the paper looks

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If I were to place a whole universe on my body it would radiate from my belly button sunflower petals curving warmth of summer days you placed your hand

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F Words

Clean, smooth around the edges and all in between, All around lying, waiting for the perfect timing to steal a diamond ring, My own best friend since my

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Initial Thrust

The future frightens me puts the fear of Christ in me, the past belongs to the fall into the hall of mirrors where monsters crack walnuts the present

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A Little Funny

Name me a fruit that tastes good, I said, 'sublime' 'Supearb' said the English teacher who was a little funny.

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Sunday Services

These are interesting times that we live in and the clock chimes, more times like the last times and a thousand years ago a serf said, 'what interesting

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Rain is nice Washin' away the world Like the Sky is forcing the Earth to take a bath Making the streets slick and shiny Making the ground slick and muddy

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Fancy Words

All of those writers With their fancy words And their fancy thoughts And their fancy ideas. All of those stories With their fancy characters And their

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Cosy with fan tutte but she's starts getting fruity, I put the opera on hold.

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Heretic Rapture of Ipseity

I Love You, my Stargazed, Bereaved, Somber. Disconsolate. Hidden from the divine torment of serpentine sun. Yes! The mortals got their souls and blood

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Suddenly a whirlwind the poems I wrote outdoors delivered to heaven

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Obstinate leaves

A November's storm leaves hang on obstinately the chagrined autumn

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"Ebony Quintessence Imbued With Cruor" (of the Two Vampyrœs)

Travelling through the sinister oceans of time, Awe-inspiring. With child's curiosity on the adored place of cruelty, ΨΣ wander. ΨΣ - unsaved, but the

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Enduring the Storm

When I found you I found what calms my inner storm soothes my soul. I have battled the beasts I have endured through many pains that I thought were

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De Beauvoir Town

Shopworn and spoiled second-hand and soiled it's all we can afford. We're no more the master we've become slower not faster the irregularities of an

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Crisp mornings bring forth eager welcomes and soft goodbyes Silent questions arise with mute answers and stable eyes guess flowing futures in a race in

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Forgive and Forget

I was in love You were in love I gave you my heart You gave me yours You cherished mine and kept it well I slowly ripped yours in half with reluctant,

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Leaving Believing Behind

Jehovah the Jesuit said, hey, I can do it we talked him out of it and now he works in a diner for minimum wage. He's nailed it, the job fits him like

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Urban in Tights

(20 minute poetry) On the tube she can slick it lipstick all over and already at Westminster bridge. If only she'd stayed to play with the shadow

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On your way windstorm bring dust and leaves and paper and letters for me

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~(You and I)~

When we first met, We shook hands and said hello, You and I talked nonstop, even after sunset, Who knew how fast our friendship would grow? I've never

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Don’t run away calf hasn’t mom told you I am your foster brother

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My sails are wandering aimlessly. I’ve never thought my passion would be lost for the sands of the shore hidden in the grip of fate, that the waves

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Christmas Acrostic Poem

Cheerful and fun Happy and merry Rambunctious Christmas trees Is the way to be jolly Santa is coming To your house Mailing PRESENTS with no doubt And

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My Beautiful Yeacher

My teacher's the friend I never had Mrs. McCarthy is her name and when she's not angry she's TODALY rad Teachers are STARS shining bright they're

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Hey little sparrow your eyes keep staring at me have we met before

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The Execution

Here they come the frequent trespassers of this terrain in their tattered truck The heavy black boots step down Their helmets on and safety glasses

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Your Blues

Life, I love you I'm in love with your blues and the fear you exhibit on my face I have spoken to your children and they are fine; listening to the box

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Fading roses

There is no mistaking that roses are red, And violets are most often blue The grey in your hair is growing on me, But it's growing much faster on you!

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In The Middle Of The Sea

When all seems to be gone When you have no one to turn to When tides are so big When the wind is blowing heavily When the sea is staring at you angrily

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The One Who Gives

I am the one who gives and suffers in return The one with so much love but who ends up hurt. Why did you teach me to love so much? Why didn't you

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Before you go, lead wisdom into open minds Before you go, stalk truth behind the shadows Before you go, throw light into dark intentions Before you

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Autumn's Breeze

As summer’s warmth has ended and the leaves begin to fall And the temperature declines too fast to see it all The colors, the friendships, and the occasional

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Matchstick Macrame

It'd bed ripping icicles weather outside winter is here and I'm trying to hide but the cold finds a way in my head starts to spin or it could be my eyes,

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My Cat

I have a cat It lays on a mat My cat's name is Snow And she hates to go In the bath And I laugh And when I let her get out She goes and sulks in a corner

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The Locals

Pests at the table We were the uninvited guests but they made the best of it gave us hospitality asked no questions for we did not understand the ways

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Santa's Beard

One morning after a deep sleep Santa Claus heard peep, peep, peep Oh, my, he said now that is weird I think I've got a nest in my beard Mrs. Claus please

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Night Life

It's that time not long after nine when the lights dim and him (that'd be me) asks her ( that's She) would you like a cup of tea or something? she laughs

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What is more useless than beauty? it's nothing more than an arrangement of features that please the eyes a form of visual perfection that inspires

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it blares me awake from a deep sound sleep - a high-pitched aberrant sound that disturbs and mystifies - a sonic knife cutting through the air I pause

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Days of My Youth

On one of those days those glorious times those peaceful rays the clock with it beautiful chimes I looked into my sister’s eyes they shone with beauty

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Where I Belong

If I died tonight would you promise you'll be fine wipe your eyes and say you're fine can you move on and leave me in the past to fade in your memories

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She is shining like the sun. Brilliant in all the ways, known and not. She is mysterious and enchanting, giving and kind. She is everything I or anyone

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Like a man in silent meditation, he slowly counted each second that passed. As if her body was affecting time itself, he grasped at her figure like

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Was never good at pouring my heart out. You came along taught me how to love, How to live again, broke all my walls You left. Broken, I built my walls

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Oh, How I Wish

Oh, how I wish. If one was granted a wish everyday, one would always have something to wish for. Thinking of someone that I wish I'd never hurt,

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Sometimes it takes losing traits you believed were your inner core to realize at best they were simply peeled from the most shallow outer layer, the

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In The Form Of A Writer

When I met her My heart burst with joy Over abounding in love And happiness arrived In the form of A writer She is amazing A writer of the best sort

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When The Loneliness Stops

Where will we be when Ye loneliness stops, everyday the same thing happening, smiling, walking pretending all is as was Ever to be. Wishing for someone

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