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Welcome to Poets and Dreamers, the official blog of the My Word Wizard Community. We are very proud to include the latest published poetry submissions from the amazing writers who are such an important part of our extended poetry family.

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Vampire Poem

Roses are dead, Violets are too, I draw with blood My soul to you. Even when monsters lurk, Even when I say goodbye, We can be one forever- Or until we

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Infernal Black

The city is full, dark, not alight... Neon shimmers in the black of Night Mountains of man's creation loom, The horizon is aglow . Bleeding into midnight...

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Release that's within

There I lay dark, in stillness and silent Coldness emerges in my withering soul Breathless now, tormented with life in past From a world decay and consumed

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Michael Collins

It has often been said that empires come and go And from the beginning of time that has been so Empires ruled with terror with an iron fist Taking brutal

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Death Penalty

Death Penalty Sonny Johnson’s home was on the street Sharing space with rats who nibbled at his feet Until he moved his blanket to the county jail

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Beneath the Veil ​The pink and white blossoms are aglow With a soft ephemeral light, Whose radiance pierces the heart With a stream of loving energy.

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Self fulfilling prophecy

..and I get it we're nowhere near it so are we there yet becomes redundant, much like a large proportion of the workforce.

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Zebelon 5

Even as we are being stretched the world about us is collapsing and we're being dragged into an infinitely expanding black hole to be swallowed up in an

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Soldier Soldier

Soldier Soldier Soldier soldier keep marching ahead Cracking and banging around thy head Load load cannons my fearless men The flag held high we fight

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Gentle Heart

Gentle breath and gentle touch Life holds no bound to thee Pale skin soft to the touch Eyes embedded into my soul Angels watch as dreams begin Laying

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True Colors

Our lives have changed because of Covid, Some for the good, others for the worse. Why does it take a tragedy like this, For ones to come together in unity

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They're only dark clouds, but could be omens of soldiers marching off to war, ah the thunderclaps of Odin that echo through Valhalla ringing in my ears,

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Itchy fingers

Why is it too early when it's early but never too late when it's late? They can't quarantine your dreams, not yet anyway. Routine, light write eat write

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I have heard the lies of deception, Thou shalt not steal the election. We won in grand style and landslide. Rise-up patriot you of American pride. From

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They gathered at liberty's holy shrine, Their flag waving stripes and bars divine. Trial by fire or trial by combat the battle call, All for one and

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The You Me

An endless search for a new Joy A shared happiness even when sad The beginning of unknown era The YOU and ME I saw you before you saw me I met you before

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A Bird in cage

Poem (The bird in a cage) Listen to my story of how I forgot the days of freedom and nights I would fly with open wings and follow birds through woods

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God honest..

It's only when I'm here that I sit to watch TV and if a God was here to witness this he'd know that I am watching Jumanji which seems so appropriate don't

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The three R's

That it's in the dictionary doesn't mean it is in my vocabulary I'm quite ignorant and it boils down to bad schooling, that is me being bad and school

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Saturday Arrived

It all helps. Knock twice and ask for, and if you ask for you might get more. It's the waking up that tickles me because what I see is nothing like the

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The highlands call !!

The highlands call !! A call comes from the highlands there's going to be a raid, Time to gather your weapons, kilt and your clan coloured plaid, We will

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Gossamer Threads of Gold

Filtering in with the first light A sound stirs my sleepy soul, Impalpable grace descends. How holy is the gathering silence A gauzy veil of dust and

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WE ARE WAITING Here where faces wear pallid frown Bones rattle in helpless pain Smiles freeze in cauldron of cursed blood Where the soil

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Dear Papa

Dear Papa I miss you You're my sunshine when it rains You're my laughter when I cry You're my smile when I am sad Dear Papa You held my tears when

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I have two nipples on my chest And a mouth full of teeth I have two legs facing up Whether I stand or I sit I have a pretty pink tongue And a tiny little

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Light and Shadow

Transcendent yet earthbound, the humaneness of my incarnational self Sacred fire spark of Cosmic Mind Veiled in darkness. The woman child at your feet

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Dance with the Reaper

How cruelly ecstatic to live forever to only go by the lust that drips from the tip of your tongue, the teeth that sink into my skin and the scarlet

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Today I Gave Up

Today I gave up! I gave up on trying to make things better. I’m sick of always being the ball, And you always being the batter. Today I gave up! I gave

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'They say...'

They say they know who I am, I say they don't. They say they know what I am, I say they don't. They think they know exactly what I'm going through,

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We were but strikes of lightening sealed in a glass jar Flumbling about Nowhere to go Exhaushed, we conducted ourselves With a slight curb of enthusiam

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The Most

A poem for women who do the most. Y’all loud as hell. Your laugh, your smile, your fire Your eyes. I see that baby. You don’t want anyone else to see

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Bleed Flowers

When I am gone I want to die in a field of wildflowers I want their stems tangled in my brown locks Their vibrant petals falling onto my closed eyelids

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One Black Boy

One Black Boy I am the one, who stands tall and proud, Mother Africa's son. Red blood flows in my veins, my skin is made out of the universe melanin.

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Family First

I was taught family first.Momma made sure we never forgot it,cause those words were rehearse and said first after all the dysfunctional and disagreements

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Little Sister

I had a little sister, but now she's gone away. Cancer ran all through her. It didn't come to play. It ripped and roared all through her. From her head

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Account Closed

I'm thinking that, 'born under a gooseberry bush' don't cut the mustard anymore anyway why a gooseberry bush and  why not a cherry tree? it flummoxes

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I sit here, my heart beating in staccato I am in a reverie, I am deep in thoughts Lulling over life and its goings-on Will it be merciful once and halt

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To finish a life of silent misery I watched your eroding glory; Sought out hearts of quiet depravity, thoughts lingering on unwritten stories. Those

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The Trick Cyclist

There is always the waiting you hit the panic button but should be used to it by now, biting your nails as if that makes anything quicker pacing the corridor

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Secrets of Mortality

Our own mortality. One of the things that humans fear the most. Death. The end. ultimate termination. The cryptic darkness that awaits as we pray for

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A Friend

A friend is someone who listens, A friend is someone who cares, A friend is always there for you, A friend will always share. A friend is someone you

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At the start in January, We vowed in the sanctuary To become anew and live aright Alas! before dawn, we had a fight But fights shouldn't last the night


Green Eyes

Of all the forests in this world I found the greenest in your eyes They rage with intensity Beckoning for me to wander in And get lost.

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Christmas Magic

For days and days you wait and you wait, Carrots, cup of milk, and cookies on a plate A young child's Christmas is like a Hollywood flick, For how magical

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 I'm so sure that you're the one, With you I feel life's just begun. I feel it when I touch your skin, I feel it in my heart, beating within.     I look

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Holiday Break

Winter is here, the students set free Exams were a bust, but 'D' stands for 'degree' Take a deep breath for it's all said and done, Time to be with friends

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A White Christmas

In all my past memories it seems to come late, November, December we sit and we wait The weather is perfect it's bloody well cold, But it seems a White

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Flat Out at the Bottle Bank

Thanks for the memories that I can't really remember. was it the vino that made me a wino or was it waiting in the wings for me? who was it sang to

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IMAGINE-There's No Place Like Home

Imagine being all but twelve years old, Waking up each day hungry and cold, In a place where large rats live and play. Imagine smelling the scent of death

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