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Welcome to Poets and Dreamers, the official blog of the My Word Wizard Community. We are very proud to include the latest published poetry submissions from the amazing writers who are such an important part of our extended poetry family.

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Account Closed

I'm thinking that, 'born under a gooseberry bush' don't cut the mustard anymore anyway why a gooseberry bush and  why not a cherry tree? it flummoxes

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I sit here, my heart beating in staccato I am in a reverie, I am deep in thoughts Lulling over life and its goings-on Will it be merciful once and halt

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To finish a life of silent misery I watched your eroding glory; Sought out hearts of quiet depravity, thoughts lingering on unwritten stories. Those

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The Trick Cyclist

There is always the waiting you hit the panic button but should be used to it by now, biting your nails as if that makes anything quicker pacing the corridor

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Secrets of Mortality

Our own mortality. One of the things that humans fear the most. Death. The end. ultimate termination. The cryptic darkness that awaits as we pray for

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A Friend

A friend is someone who listens, A friend is someone who cares, A friend is always there for you, A friend will always share. A friend is someone you

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At the start in January, We vowed in the sanctuary To become anew and live aright Alas! before dawn, we had a fight But fights shouldn't last the night


Green Eyes

Of all the forests in this world I found the greenest in your eyes They rage with intensity Beckoning for me to wander in And get lost.

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Christmas Magic

For days and days you wait and you wait, Carrots, cup of milk, and cookies on a plate A young child's Christmas is like a Hollywood flick, For how magical

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 I'm so sure that you're the one, With you I feel life's just begun. I feel it when I touch your skin, I feel it in my heart, beating within.     I look

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Holiday Break

Winter is here, the students set free Exams were a bust, but 'D' stands for 'degree' Take a deep breath for it's all said and done, Time to be with friends

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A White Christmas

In all my past memories it seems to come late, November, December we sit and we wait The weather is perfect it's bloody well cold, But it seems a White

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Flat Out at the Bottle Bank

Thanks for the memories that I can't really remember. was it the vino that made me a wino or was it waiting in the wings for me? who was it sang to

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IMAGINE-There's No Place Like Home

Imagine being all but twelve years old, Waking up each day hungry and cold, In a place where large rats live and play. Imagine smelling the scent of death

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A Call to Christmas; Christ's Gift To The World

So yeah it's Christmas time a time for all to celebrate Been anticipating, waiting for the chill Christmas wind to blow in I could just imagine walking

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Exhaling, my being is transferred. Floating fearlessly, yet frightened, My body becomes weightless. And then I realize… I am an illusion of vibrant color.



Once I dreamed I went to bed And when I woke I was dead. As I wandered the darkened street, A philosopher was waiting to meet. Confused, I asked if we

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Thalia, my winking Muse, loves to amuse! How can I ever such fun-filled times refuse? When she entertains me in her unique style I, in return, love clowning

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When lovely melodies spring in my mind And words fall smoothly into rhymed lines, My soul starts to sing and dance with delight! I love such creativity-induced

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At last you have woken and repented. With eyes wide open you have understood. Like a bird beating your wings and feathers, You have broken free from the



Hope my own friend I am still in dire need of your embrace Hope my friend, I am dying for the feel of you in my soul again I still need the courage you

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All dreaming does is distance my natural The passionate will be soothed to diligent rest, In the center of your supernatural Obedience, I find the

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Bring Some Joy

Bring some joy into someone's life, And you will be blessed from above, Because God knows what you have done, And it was all done with love. It's wonderful

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The Flame to the Candle

A candle alone is not a sight to envy While pretty to look at it does not catch the eye Until it is kissed by flame’s lips you see They come alive more

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Dirty Feet

Dirty feet beside me, Crossed carefully just like mine He copies my every move while I study his As I want to take in every adorable detail Leaning

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The one-eyed old man gazed at his hollowed tree, Free land of desire and for worms of greed, Full of broken thoughts,he turned to his seed, There are better

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The Obvious Death

Death, near by and watching us Always around making no sound, Unwanted and hated, still there It's everywhere still nowhere found. Death, having no preface

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I'm different I know In solitude I walk No one understands No, not one As I journey through alone O solitude! Why has thou befriended me Why am I the chosen

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Here Ye Iz Heir Hair Hallmarked Harris

Light years since chronological wave length of boyhood, when mull late mum and (strapping in his prime) dad bossed, dictated, fulminated, harangued, jointly

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simply simple

Simply simple About 50 buttons on this device All labeled How can anyone not work this It's literally a gift from God It can control your TV for crying

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Dear Almighty, Forgive Us

Oh maker of the world that lives in heaven, You need to wake, you can't be there, Your creation is unsafe, requires a leaven, For our sake, on earth, be

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I Wonder

Good morning Mam how are you today as you prepare to be sucked back into the Grey You will join the wake for your daily bread where your hopes

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"The Room"

I live for moments like this one, a moment of honest vulnerability. Your breaths have slowed, Signifying your mind slipping into sleep. No other air on

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The Voice

She heard the voice and what it said But was it real or in her head? The endless rants with no relief Then slips away just like a thief Another realm,

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Find Her In The Storm

She was magic And I was on the edge She wanted to fall And I wanted to fly She is the novel you read From page to page Line to line Again and each time

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Anorexia Nervosa Revisited

More than two score years since elapsed since incipient onslaught of slow suicide by starvation to death! * * * *

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Tribute To Those Slain At Sandy Hook Elementary School

from fathers and/or mothers heart broken for beautiful daughters and sons only thru memories they can only adore from cleft psyche, gut-wrenching,

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Sleepless , birds chirping, brighter clouds, sun's coming .

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Greatest Speech

I sit there holding my paper getting ready to give the best speech of my life, my sweaty palms cause my paper to become dampened and now the paper looks

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If I were to place a whole universe on my body it would radiate from my belly button sunflower petals curving warmth of summer days you placed your hand

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F Words

Clean, smooth around the edges and all in between, All around lying, waiting for the perfect timing to steal a diamond ring, My own best friend since my

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Initial Thrust

The future frightens me puts the fear of Christ in me, the past belongs to the fall into the hall of mirrors where monsters crack walnuts the present

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A Little Funny

Name me a fruit that tastes good, I said, 'sublime' 'Supearb' said the English teacher who was a little funny.

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Sunday Services

These are interesting times that we live in and the clock chimes, more times like the last times and a thousand years ago a serf said, 'what interesting

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Rain is nice Washin' away the world Like the Sky is forcing the Earth to take a bath Making the streets slick and shiny Making the ground slick and muddy

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Fancy Words

All of those writers With their fancy words And their fancy thoughts And their fancy ideas. All of those stories With their fancy characters And their

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Cosy with fan tutte but she's starts getting fruity, I put the opera on hold.

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Heretic Rapture of Ipseity

I Love You, my Stargazed, Bereaved, Somber. Disconsolate. Hidden from the divine torment of serpentine sun. Yes! The mortals got their souls and blood

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Suddenly a whirlwind the poems I wrote outdoors delivered to heaven

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