Haiku Poems

Haiku in Japanese

Haiku Poems are a type of Japanese poetry which found acceptance as a legitimate art form more than 300 years ago when the poet and former samurai warrior Basho (b. 1644 – d. 1694) devoted himself to the genre.

By the mid-1800’s this style was thought to be on the wane in Japan but for the efforts of Masaoka Shiki, an eminent poet and literary critic who revived interest in the form.
The structure comprises 17 syllables arranged in three consecutive lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively. In actuality this is the common English language form, as the Japanese syllables are slightly different.

Some examples:

Nature's Dance

A flower in bloom
Music to the bumble bee
Beauty to the eye

The Bee

Buzzing in the spring
Hovering over flowers
Honey is its trade


Flowing through the pipes
Rushing out of the faucet
Refreshing and cool

Flying in the Modern Age

Soaring toward the clouds
Class system is still extant
Coach seats exit last

The writers at My Word Wizard have produced a body of verse according to the English version of the traditional Japanese form.

There is much more to the genre than we can mention in this brief introduction, and we touch upon some aspects of it in the linked pages below. We urge you to seek out more information and even try your own hand at it.

We hope you enjoy!

*Some information sourced from www.britannica.com

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Obstinate leaves 
A November's storm leaves hang on obstinately the chagrined autumn

On your way windstorm bring dust and leaves and paper and letters for me

Hey little sparrow your eyes keep staring at me have we met before

A Haiku Poem 
1 Galaxy bathe in milk tides of blue sea bounce high whale lost in grogginess 2 Meteor falling down lightening flashed in horizon child is …

A Haiku Poem On Monsoon 
(1) Clouds carry water drought and starvation missing A healthy monsoon (2) Farmers celebrate good crops bring prosperity monsoon being friendly …

Autumn Daisy 
Quietly the daisy, Longing to sleep, falls beneath the winter snow.

Fall in the Air 
Colored mums in fall Dried fallen leaves every where Autumn leaf bouquet!

White Snowflakes 
White Soft Snowflakes Slowly drifting down Falling onto the ground

Conflicting currents sunken feeling deep in chest spring in the desert!

Faith full 
Words glitter belief – Silence practises a faith That believes itself.

End of day chore 
Slant sun carefully Let last red and gold sun rays Run off into sea.

My sweet mango cake Celebrating twenty six Best friends forever

wind rushes past as I shiver in my jacket motorcycle ride

Early one morning, I appreciated the beauty, Beauty from Nature.

Calmly you shift as the the night ends. Calmly you rise as the ground has its indefinite surprise. Calmly the wind blows as it has a story that never …

dragon in the sky fifty thousand people cry without knowing why

Deaf Ear 
Thousand calls ignored Like he never got the call But asked me to call

Fatal neurosis Jealousy could tear its prey- My raging heart

Tragedy, heart breaks tears, prayer, love, healing balm life, joy, hope, return

An Assortment of Haiku  

Decades of journey Searching for my lost true love Never left my heart

Car Accident; A Poem For A Dog 
Nemo, I love you Why did you leave us alone? Nemo, I miss you

the scent not the flower is driving me crazy ~ cloudy morning- a kite flies higher than its string ~ autumn morning strutting behind his …

Oblivious Girl 
She sleeps and I stare I could never love her more Oblivious girl

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My Love For You 
In the Blackest Night And on the Sweetest of Days My Thoughts are of You

The Fun of Haikus 
Haikus can be fun but sometimes they don't make sense Refrigerator

A Wish for the Artist 
The world is your muse Allow your hands to guide you May you be inspired

Morning Commute 
Smoke stacks and train tracks. Industrial sculptures, mute. Commuters ride by.

The Vacation 
Haiku: Summer is coming pack your bags and get going Winter is ending

Leaves gently swaying Wind whispering in my ears Nature at its best

Cold Night 
A kiss of coffee On a cold and windy night Smooth music playing

As I rest in bed Memories of YOU and I Look pretty tonight

It is full tonight; droplets lasso light to freeze a ring round the moon

Lime green leaves support ~ red peppers in the window ~ snow white lawn outside

The Pink moon 
Love birds in a wreath paddling in the full moon light Stars twinkle in eyes!

The winds are calling The wind whispers to me WHOOSH!wHOOSH there it goes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mangal Forest - A Tanga Poem 
In marine shorelines trees, plants, shrubs also stones, rocks, snarled roots above ground, leaves with white salt crystals change orientation midday. …

Joy in Spring 
Calm waters of spring fishes leap over in joy - my love let fly kisses by breeze

Ducks waddle on by, Tripping over their webbed feet, Quacks repeatedly.

Peace Not rated yet
A hidden respite Deep breaths released to the wind A new beginning.

Peace Not rated yet
A hidden respite Deep breaths released to the wind A new beginning.

Awake Not rated yet
winter snow so warm in a dream-in a vision awake-very cold

Renewal By Fire Not rated yet
In Thee Sky Smoke Grey Great Soot Strips Off Old Dry Brush The Sunset Copper MTI 2018

my heart is filled Not rated yet
my heart is filled with nonsene nobody ever nodases i always to myself to look back and go get your self a bich mac and now im good im fat as wood dont …

Waterfalls Not rated yet
Waterfalls are wet Falling from high on the cliff Splashing in my face

Valley Blossoms Not rated yet
Palm gets excited when cool breeze tickles its cheeks as a mark of love Winter falls gently cool breeze dances all around flowers start blooming …

Blooming Love Not rated yet
cOean waves bounce high to kiss the silvery sky like crazy lovers The white sky turns red seducing the raving waves with erotic smile A new …

Candid Childhood (HAIKU) Not rated yet
Candid Childhood (HAIKU) Lovely blooming buds reminds a child of childhood in the green canyon God gifted childness to zealous flora-fauna …

Nature Not rated yet
Colors on canvas Can never match natures hues Nature wins hands down

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Spring is on its way Not rated yet
The green buds of nettles Food and lodging for the hungry caterpillar Birth of a tortoiseshell butterfly Tadpole darts in the pond …

Coats  Not rated yet
Might catch a cold Making the best snowman ever Winter is the time

Morning Not rated yet
Sleepless , birds chirping, brighter clouds, sun's coming .

Whirlwind Not rated yet
Suddenly a whirlwind the poems I wrote outdoors delivered to heaven

Calf Not rated yet
Don’t run away calf hasn’t mom told you I am your foster brother

Industrial town Not rated yet
Industrial town-- Where is haiku flower even in spring

Family Not rated yet
Love my family Give me food to eat yum yum Love them in my heart

A Haiku Poetry Not rated yet
1 Bright rainbow appears sensuous sky turns orange delightful climate 2 Wind steals dreams of leaves my fingers touch her soft cheeks love making …

A Haiku Poetry Not rated yet
1 Sowed the seeds of sweat shining barley crop smiles a harvest season 2 Mom croons lullaby baby in silent motion dreams peek from window …

A Haiku Poetry Not rated yet
1 Sowed the seeds of sweat shining barley crop smiles a harvest season 2 Mom croons lullaby baby in silent motion dreams peek from window …

A Haiku Poetry On Relationship Not rated yet
1 Welkin flirt with moon love making celebrations became an item 2 Breathing together deep feelings for each other match made in heaven …

A Haiku Poetry On Love Not rated yet
(1) Wind seduced the leaves attraction for each other having hots for love (2) Kissing and hugging ecstatic for love making being lovey- dovey …

A Haiku Poetry On Relation Not rated yet
1 Frigid relation mutual understanding lacks bonding on the rocks 2 Two couples on beach memorable enjoyment being on double date …

A Haiku Poetry On Colors Of Relationship Not rated yet
1 Adore each other perennial relationship couple tie the knot 2 Will you marry me tremendous flash of lightning popping …

A Haiku Poem On Shades Of Relationship Not rated yet
(1) lack of trust and faith vows and promises not honored walk out on partner (2) A get together introduced me to her friend Fixing …

A Haiku Poem On Reactions Of Relationship Not rated yet
(1) Split up all at once instantaneous patch up to kiss and make up (2) Ideas not matching lack of trust and loyalty break up relation (3) …

A Haiku Poetry On Nature Not rated yet
(1) Sparrow is chirping dew drops opening eyes welcome good morning (2) Food grain production monsoon brings prosperity green revolution …

A Haiku Poem On Rainbow Not rated yet
(1) Redness in climate seven colorful cute curves bows raining colors (2) Seven colors float an orange glow in the sky rainbow beams with …

A Beautiful Haiku Poem On Rain Not rated yet
(1) Darkness in the sky rain droplets seduce climate monsoon festival (2) Zealous wet green leaf lovely water bubbles wind flirt with monsoon …

A Haiku Poem On Sunrise Not rated yet
(1) Snowy peaks dazzling fresh wind flirting with morning weird smile of sun (2) Birds warble sweetly enthusiastic fauna bounce good morning …

A Haiku Poem On Greenery Not rated yet
Green leaves on tree wave magnolia and Tulip bloom beautiful spring naughty wind happy intoxicating oak limbs greenery appears passionate banyan …

It's Snowing Not rated yet
Green leaves are glowing Snow covers mountain peaks valley celebrates

On The Sea-Beach Not rated yet
High sea waves prance shark and dolphin sail away mollusks creep on sand

Monsoon Gets Annoyed Not rated yet
Baby cries for food draught ruined the rice crop dry land and no monsoon

Night Rain  Not rated yet
Vertical light shards Raining down in the blackness Moth drawn to brightness

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April's Healing Not rated yet
Rain falls down, flooding The pores of the Earth nourished Plants rise up and dance

The Predator Not rated yet
Clandestine crawling. The prey's prayers are futile. Malicious mauling.

Outdoors Not rated yet
Nature gleams brightly, Take a walk and you will see. Just us, you and me.

Spring Tradition Not rated yet
Hokku or haiku Japanese tradition stands #Cherryblossoms fall #haiku 5-7-5 English Hokku or haiku Nipponjin dentõ tatsu Sakura ochiro …

Light Rain. Again. Not rated yet
Rain came lightly down / / / / / / / Only seven drops #haiku 5-/-5

Oblivious Not rated yet
Oblivious pond Fish tail flashes, unaware Exists little known Oblivious bass Sheltering trees, hidden pond Wild life all its own #haiku(s) Double …

Soft Winds Not rated yet
The wind blows soft It must be very exhausted From all the blowing.

The Boat Not rated yet
The Boat drinks the water It dancing out on the water The wind keep it moving

Still Not rated yet
The wind is tired There is nothing moving now Breezes are at rest.

Grey to blue Not rated yet
The day is cloudy, No worries, I have Sunshine In my heart, always

Summer Not rated yet
Autumn is coming Summer is coming to end It is very cold

The Tear Not rated yet
Rolling down Envelops my sorrow Cools my heart.

The Bee Not rated yet
Buzzing in the spring Hovering over flowers Honey is its trade

Spring Not rated yet
Today is nice out Birds in the air are happy I am happy too

Blue (Haiku) Not rated yet
Blue light from a star new, poetic solution everything comes true

Surreal as can be Laundered now looking bluer Than the darkest sky

On Wet Soil Not rated yet
On wet soil-- The snail moves on towards an open grave --

Gold star Not rated yet
The sun is a star The brightness of all The sun in this space

Teeth Not rated yet
Shiny, Bright, And White, Like Horses On A Red Hill, Glinting In The Light.

Jane Not rated yet
A thoughtful blossom Fluid in her stillness Her silence, a song

Simple Logic Not rated yet
You are nobody and nobody is perfect So therefore you are ....?

Responsibility Not rated yet
The best way to teach Is to practice what you preach Lead by example

Wonderment Not rated yet
Standing here on Earth Both Sun and Moon in the sky Who What Where When Why?

Haiku 2 Not rated yet
childhood - distant mountains veiled in snowfall all this snow... the many worlds …

Haiku 1 Not rated yet
year end... looking deeper into a winter forest

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Fly Not rated yet
Weak butterflies rise Gently, slowly, out of their cocoons With lovely, soft wings

DEWDROP Not rated yet
morning dewdrop rolling round a leaf's edge to the tip lets go

BEST FRIEND Not rated yet
They Are Always There They Never Leave Me Alone They Make Me Happy

The sun Not rated yet
Scorching sun Irritating weather crops yeild in leaps and bounds.

Butterflies Not rated yet
Symmetrical blends Abound in the sun and shade Floating here to there

Snow Not rated yet
in predawn hours shoveling snow off the road – icicles on a roof

farm Not rated yet
Red like red roses Sitting in the fields alone Sky's blue right above

Lonely River Not rated yet
夜の雨 流れーつに 春遠し yoru no âme nagare hitotsu ni haru toushi

 night rain meandering
 down the banks of the lonely river 
spring is distant

Kick---A Haiku Not rated yet
Brimful stomach Needs some digestive actions- Kick one another.

Gentle Winter Not rated yet
Snowflakes fall softly; Roses, covered with snow And small raindrops fall.

Full Moon Not rated yet
Whispering of soul Harbinger new beginning A thing of beauty!

Blessing Not rated yet
Can come in disguise Count your blessings everyday Comes in many shapes and size

Baby Lips Not rated yet
Soft,smooth,baby lips, Pink,red,silver,on my lips, Perfect for a kiss

My Cat Not rated yet
My Cat is very Black,white,short haired,and loving I sometimes hate him.

one direction  Not rated yet
One direction is The best band all around here, My inspiration

Unlucky Frog Not rated yet
Why does the frog like to swim in the dirty pond and ends up to die..?

The Sun Not rated yet
Red hot burning sun. Get in a pool to cool down. How hot is the sun?

Magic Not rated yet
Abracadabra magic is an illusion, skilled illusions...

Numbers Not rated yet

Favorite Foods Not rated yet
My favorite food is tacos and tamales I like nachos,too

haiku Not rated yet
Writing haikus is harder than it looks like so think before you write

Halloween Not rated yet
This is Halloween Some terrified ghosts are lose So watch out Boo ! Boo!

One Direction Not rated yet
Four hot british boys All from the same continent But one is Irish

Halloween Not rated yet
Scarying little kids Halloween is really fun trick-or-treating done

Rain Forest Not rated yet
In the rain forest animals are making noise they are very loud!

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Disapearing HomeWork Not rated yet
Homework I hate to much work. Abracadbra poof all of its gone.

NYC Not rated yet
Striding through the streets Graffiti enveloped walls Ready to be known

Traveling  Not rated yet
Plane train I don't care I just want to go somewhere So when do we leave

My blessings  Not rated yet
I am grateful for my family I count my blessings every day I am very blessed

Being blessed Not rated yet
My mom has blessed me- They have given me a home And shown me lots of love

Blessings Not rated yet
Family and friends- They are there to support me Making memories

My blessing  Not rated yet
A time is now mine Laughing and loving is so sweet ... God has blessed my life.

Blessed With The Best Not rated yet
Love, peace, and bonding My family is the best We love with fondness.

Achieve and Succeed Not rated yet
Kick, pass, score, defend Thank you God for my passion This is my future.

Blessings Not rated yet
On the day of thanks- All my family and friends Eating together.

Cars Not rated yet
They help us travel They are raced for speed and thrill They're fast and loud

The help  Not rated yet
Teaching,helping kids Accomplish your goals in life One big family

NYC Not rated yet
Big apple, bright lights... Actress performs on Broadway Sing for audience

A Day In The Water Not rated yet
Looking at coral- Breathtaking crystal clear water Swimming, boats, and fish

Thankful  Not rated yet
Friends and family Everyone I love is here; I am so thankful.

Get Money Not rated yet
Playing pro soccer Or getting my PHD- Profit either way

A Dream Not rated yet
Playing pro football- With my teammates and fans As my team succeeds

Earned It. Not rated yet
Got my cap and gown And I earned this diploma... Here comes my future.

The Greatest Gift Not rated yet
Wrapped in angel wings- Ever-watching and praying, A blessing from God.

The Kicker Not rated yet
The game winning kick Unicorns down by three points Straight through the uprights

Cheer! Not rated yet
The tucks, layouts, fulls: Bows, the hair, uniforms Leave it on the mat

The Hunt Not rated yet
Sights aimed at target Bullet flies straight to its mark- Horns mounted on wall

Blessed for what I got Not rated yet
Blessed with what I got... While many others around, Don't have what most have.

The Game Not rated yet
You have the ball, now! Switch the field, defend your goal- Leave it on the field.

S'mores Not rated yet
Sleep under the stars- Gather around the campfire The taste of warm s'mores

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Blessed Not rated yet
Life's been up and down- God has helped me through the way Everlasting friend

16 Not rated yet
Driving down the road Warm wind flowing through my hair Cruising with my friends

One dream Victory Not rated yet
Crowd, coach, family Hit, hit, pull one team one dream One ring, champions

Miraculous gifts Not rated yet
In disguise shape size Family, friends, miracles-- That are gifts, always loved

Lightning Not rated yet
The almighty Thor- accompanied by thunder will electrify.

FLOWERS  Not rated yet
There are flowers with many nice colours on them on smokey water

Warheads Not rated yet
Puckered, suckered lips The hard candy is bitter Then why partake it?

My Dog Not rated yet
It wears a collar It has spots on its body It eats from a bowl

Monkey Not rated yet
It swings in tall trees It likes to eat bananas It is very brown

My Dog Not rated yet
He is very small He is really barky too He is very cute

Monkeys Not rated yet
It has lots of hair They like to play with people They make lots of noise

Cats Not rated yet
They are really soft They're very fun animals I have two at home.

Zebras Not rated yet
It is black and white, It runs very fast in the sun, It has fur on it.

Tigers Not rated yet
They are very cool They're very good at hunting They're orange with black stripes

Eagles Not rated yet
It is very long It gets good fish from a pond It is very big

Zebras Not rated yet
It is very tall It lays in the grass and sleeps It eats grass and leaves

Sharks Not rated yet
They are gray and big They love to eat fish and meat They have lots of teeth

Dog Not rated yet
It is a good pal It's a soft and furry friend It likes to eat food

Monkeys Not rated yet
It swings in tall trees It likes to eat bananas It is very brown

A Paper Tandem Not rated yet
Haiku- A paper tandem- The sun acts as the coachman While dragged by the pen.

Wind Not rated yet
Gliding to the sky Whirling masses intimate Deep triumph at heart...

Alone Not rated yet
Alone, by myself picking all of the flowers sitting on a stump.

Full Moon Reflection Not rated yet
Waves rolling smoothly Stars reflecting in the ocean floating bouquet rise!

Android Not rated yet
Android is awesome As awesome as you can be Can you play with me

Winter Not rated yet
Outdoors is flooded, A sea of many faces. Splat! Snow has come.

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Your house Not rated yet
From the frozen path A view of fields in winter The lights of your house

Kicking coal Not rated yet
Bringing in the coal Kicking lumps across the yard Cold hard winter night

God Not rated yet
An eternal helping hand But forsaken and lost it And searching it in the graveyard.

Dandelion Not rated yet
Swaying in warm wind white stars swirling and dancing yellow summer comes

Admirer Not rated yet
Bloom roses for you from a loving admirer for the girl I love

Stormy Night Not rated yet
Trees slash in the storm thick grey clouds, blanket the sky wind whips at my face

Valentine Poem for Elise Not rated yet
Be my Valentine. Life is better when you're near, you're all that I want

Lover's End  Not rated yet
You hurt her many times but she always came back It’s your turn to cry

Melancholy Night Not rated yet
Melancholy Night~ Orange moonlight, yellow grin~ wandering leaves flow~

Rejoice and be glad  Not rated yet
Rejoice the heavens Earth and sea shout in gladness Rejoice be glad

From then on Not rated yet
Once vermicular... no shedding or growth--dead meat. From then on, I'm found.

Easy vs. Hard Not rated yet
Haikus can be hard Sometimes they can be easy simple is the key

Japanese Food Not rated yet
Yellow fins and tails A slice of fugu for you Good Japanese food

Old Tin Shed Not rated yet
by the broken shed brown leaves do a circle dance autumn has arrived

Heroes Not rated yet
They always love me When I am less than perfect Family my heroes

winter breeze Not rated yet
shivers down my spine harsh cold air is everywhere life feels oh so cold

NEVERMIND Not rated yet
A rose a flower A thorn never misses there But Beautiful though

My love for you Not rated yet
This is love for you From me all the way to you Do you love me to?

Peace Not rated yet
The night sky is soft The trees naked in twilight My world is quiet

Fall Not rated yet
The wind is howling The ground covered in gold I scream to be found

Cotton Candy Not rated yet
Light as a feather Sweet and sticky, melts in mouth Cavity filling.

tragicomedy Not rated yet
keep on keeping on why? miles to fly, years to go the whole gamut yet.

Rising tides rising Ocean winds whispering truth Rising tides falling. By Rick McGrath, Ph.D.

LIVE LIFE Not rated yet
Life is to be lived Move outside the pool of fear Rejoice and be brave. Written by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.

GOLDEN SHORES Not rated yet
Along golden shores I meditated on life To live is to love. By Rick McGrath, Ph.D.

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In my reflection The mirrored image looked back And asked, who are you? By Rick McGrath, Ph.D.

apples blossom Not rated yet
Apple blossoms sweet Aroma pleasant to the smell Blossoms of apples before me in the air scented Smells around me of apple blossoms Succulent smells …

Calm Not rated yet
In the calm water teardrops fall from a girl's face a hug she needs

farewell Not rated yet
farewell to my friend bring our memories, i hope i love you my friend

the love Not rated yet
love is like a rose it is not easy to get so you must careful …

Marines Not rated yet
A person on hand Watching someones every move Still as a Statue

Beauty Not rated yet
Beauty is unique, beauty makes you feel worthwhile, so show me a smile.

Austin Not rated yet
Austin went outside He saw a big and fat deer The deer then fell over

Robots  Not rated yet
Robots are quite neat. Robots are righteous and fun. That is my haiku.

MY LOVE FOR YOU Not rated yet
North star in the sky Constant and unwavering One that never moves

the sun Not rated yet
the sun has risen time to go outside and play and enjoy your day

My friend. Not rated yet
My friend likes to read, But she doesn't like bread. One day she went to skate, But her tall and thin mate, Didn't know how to skate, So my friend …

Quiet Mountain Not rated yet
quiet mountain stands over the road fall is beginning

THE TWO SLIPPERS Not rated yet
The two slippers used Racing against each other Never separate

water flowing Not rated yet
water flowing there water can be good to drink water is your life

Footsteps Not rated yet
I walk along my path... The stones I trip on tire me... I can make it...

The Frog Not rated yet
Old pond, Frog jumps in, water sounds

Shinobi Not rated yet
I hide in shadow My foe does not hear me come Ignorance cursed him

Snow Not rated yet
The snow is falling fast. I watch it get deeper and deeper. Than I go to bed.

Haiku Not rated yet
What is a haiku? It is a type of poem Haiku to you, too

Out Here Not rated yet
I'm missing you bad Why did you have to leave me All alone out here

Stars Not rated yet
As days fall to dusk and the sun goes down to sleep stars come out to shine

Life Not rated yet
Always wandering Completely oblivious Forever content

Football Not rated yet
Looking at the muddy field With the game about to start Listening to the footy fans Eating custard tarts Out come the players All fierce to start …

A Haiku Poem Not rated yet
Five syllables here seven more syllables here haiku poetry

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Everything  Not rated yet
Nature's Dance A flower in bloom Music to the bumble bee Beauty to the eye The Bee Buzzing in the spring Hovering over flowers Honey …

Ï'm Jealous Not rated yet
It's circling my throat Much worse than a heart failure I dread jealousy

Haiku Not rated yet
The winds of time corrode the flesh in the desert spirit the eagle flies the salmon in the stream the full moon rises in the shade grandpa …

Chess Not rated yet
A star moves ahead another star falls down – a game of chess

Edges Not rated yet
Lightning shivers blind confused splendor in night's depths reaching for contact

Broken Not rated yet
Pain that is unpredictable Caresses my inner veins takes my strength Touches my aching heart

Time Not rated yet
Love is in the air sitting on the sidelines watching Drinking times poison

Diamond Jubilee Not rated yet
Emeralds sapphire's and pearls Duke Duchess and Earls The Queen her Diamond Jubilee

English Haiku Not rated yet
English is helpful, (5) it develops our thinking (7) and other skill sets. (5) Critical thinking (5) is very important too, (7) it stretches your …

Frisky (a hiaku) Not rated yet
I really love him Named after a cat food brand Frisky is my cat.

Sky Not rated yet
The bright shadowy sky Cranes sitting in the cold snow and nowhere to go

Mother Not rated yet
Caring for your kids Fed and kept safe until now Taught us all we know

School Not rated yet
School is here today at lunch we go out to play we love school today

Clouds Not rated yet
Clouds float slowly by fluffy, lumpy, cotton balls silver gray,and white

The Trees Not rated yet
The tree speaks to me It sings late into the night It sways in the wind

The Samurai Not rated yet
He is a brave soul, Drawing blood only for peace, Never for vengeance.

Puppy Not rated yet
He wag wags his tail His bark is too loud for me But he begs me, Please!

Rain Not rated yet
Rain pitter patter It splashes on the window I do not like rain

Children's True Fun Not rated yet
Children play,play,play having fun under the sun this is children's fun

FLOWERS Not rated yet
the beauty is one thing the colors are another beauty what is it.... it is a 'FLOWER'

TWIIGHT Not rated yet
beauty is its name you see it in the evening what is this delightful thing of course it's the... 'TWILIGHT'

Sun Not rated yet
shine in the morning wake up call for school beauty of the evening hmm... what is it ah yes the 'SUN'

Spring Not rated yet
Light breeze, branches sway Sparrows glide past bright flowers Spring comes with new life

Friends Forever Not rated yet
I am happy, but... I miss my friends now, so much! Miss there crazy laughs!

Glowing Not rated yet
Outshining the stars Capturing hearts every night Sweet silver moonlight

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Boyfriends Not rated yet
Holding your hand making you believe heartbreak

Flowers Not rated yet
Flowers all around. They're big, small and colorful. Some smell really good.

Ocean Not rated yet
The ocean is blue Although I am never blue When I am with you

Rabbit Not rated yet
The rabbit will hop It will never stop until It reaches the top

Spring Not rated yet
Beautiful flowers Butterflies flying around In the golden sun

The Glow Not rated yet
the glow that suffuses me your smile

Nature Not rated yet
Grass can be perfect Green, Brown, Healthy, Weak and Fake Grass is everywhere

Daydream Not rated yet
Sitting in my car Thoughts fluttering in my head Sounds whisper to me

Simple Not rated yet
It is very hard to write a great poem so it's a haiku

Love  Not rated yet
Love from above and From a heart so strong that will Never ever do you wrong

Bananas Not rated yet
Eat a banana They have many vitamins It is good for you

Spring Not rated yet
Petal of the spring Touches a finger of green Wakes up flowers

She....... haiku  Not rated yet
She gave me life...... Twice I learned of womanhood that I'm Oblivious Still she fills my being

GOD AND HEAVEN Not rated yet

Alvie Not rated yet
A Lovable girl is looking for Mr. Right in this crazy world

Cherry Blossom Tree Not rated yet
O' Spring has arrived The elegance of its' warmth Cherry …

Hope Not rated yet
Hoping for something Waiting for it to happen Yet never taking action

Early Morning Nap Not rated yet
Serene first light water lotus leaves and flowers – kids nap with no noise

New Born Baby in My Hands- Joy  Not rated yet
Spring dawn singing birds blossom cool cherries around - a new born in my hands

Rain Through My Window Not rated yet
Rain through my window Dark clouds,slow breeze and lightning Hands wet by rain splash

A Wish for the Beautiful Woman Not rated yet
See yourself truly Always stylish and graceful Always beautiful

On the Beach Not rated yet
Wavelettes tickle toes of architects building sand castles for crabs.

Ghost Not rated yet
It makes me feel scared I want to know what it is I am terrified

The Perfect Winter Not rated yet
The harsh, biting cold A mug of hot chocolate The perfect winter

New Year's Dawn Not rated yet
tidal ebb and flow silver moon to golden glow dawn of a new year Copyright©

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The End of Me Not rated yet
my life is waning bring me back from the grave save me from myself

As God Talks Not rated yet
The thunder crackles. Fierce lightning brightens the sky and the rain pours down.

The Storm Not rated yet
Wind whips trees around breaking branches; shaking leaves. The storm is coming.

Haiku You! Not rated yet
Love makes flowers bloom Neglect makes them weak and die Bees fly away mad

Pain Not rated yet
Pain is When you feel like Stopping the sunrise ____________________ Twitter @VerseEveryDay

wishing for snow Not rated yet
snowflakes drifting from leaden skies softly

Still Moment Not rated yet
Mist creeps upon the water Ready for the sun Whose rays will signal …

A Soothing Sound Not rated yet
When you're at the beach Waves washed wistfully upon The shore so graceful

The Sun Not rated yet
The sun is a star, That shines brightly night and day. With no rest at all.

The Samurai Not rated yet
Wielding his blood sword, A hero who fights with pride, And slays with honor. He is a brave soul, Drawing blood only for peace, Never for …

A Blue Butterfly Not rated yet
A blue butterfly Dancing around with soft, delicate wings Over fields of fruit

Grandpa  Not rated yet
Take his hand and fly, for a grandpa never dies! He lives inside you.

Light Not rated yet
Light is not your friend. When darkness comes in the night, what leaves you is light.

Queen of Hearts Not rated yet
Guard your heart my friend, the queen of hearts you trust may have a change of heart.

Heroes Not rated yet
Brave men and women Giving their lives for freedom To serve and protect

Velvet Love Not rated yet
Velvet warmth enfolds The moth-soft cloak of my love Resting deep within

Starting a garden Not rated yet
Starting a garden During a terrible drought water it with your tears

stary night  Not rated yet
Merry weather nights Of stars that shine so brightly Tiny tot’s delights

If Nietzsche wrote Haiku Not rated yet
I spoke to your god He said he doesn't exist - Truth born from error

Winter in Georgia Not rated yet
Winter is now here While awaiting the new year Hopes for snow will disappear

At my door in black to talk of Jesus. I try to paint their world green

SHEEP THRILL Not rated yet
Shear brilliance above There is no silver lining It is made of fleece

A SONG FLUTTERS Not rated yet
Found poetry in a flurry of email spam: Aguilera snow

The City Not rated yet
This urban jungle A symphony of honking buildings all around

Rainsticks Not rated yet
Quiet snow; twinkling ~ rainsticks shimmer in the sun ~ landscape of contrasts

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Holiday Spirit Not rated yet
Spirit of Giving~True meaning of the Season~Brings joy to your life~

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