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It is the day our nation severed its ties with tyranny. July 4th Poems from the writers at My Word Wizard commemorate that fateful day in 1776 when a nation was born. These words celebrate the joys and creative energies that went into the founding of America, and recognize the sacrifices borne by many in the struggle for independence and freedom.

Even if you are not American, you can still appreciate the spirit of liberty that was manifest in the principles espoused by the Founding Fathers. The full realization of liberty for some took many years to accomplish, but the beacon that the early Americans lit as a guiding light for succeeding generations will always be remembered and closely guarded.

Despite international conflicts and diplomatic crises, America today is still looked upon as a ray of freedom and hope by long suffering peoples under the yoke of despotic regimes.

Whether you want to let someone know how much you love your country, or you are looking to honor or commemorate the soliders who sacrificed their all in order that we may have our freedoms, you will find a poignant sentiment in this patriotic collection.

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Independence Day Poems : Today is the day we honor the liberation of and birth of the United States of America. It's time to celebrate the joys, the blessings, and yes, the sacrifices that form a part of the fabric of our nation. Let someone know how much you love your country or tell them how much you appreciate their service with a thoughtful sentiment from the writers at My Word Wizard.

Quotes about America : Many of us take time during the Independence Day celebrations to reflect on the achievements of the American nation since its founding in 1776. We at My Word Wizard can think of no better way to trace the course of American history than through quotations and thoughts that speak of America's contributions to the world. Please enjoy this very special collection of patriotic sentiments about America.

Things to Think About on July 4th : There are so many things to be thankful for as we celebrate America's independence. There are also many ways to commemorate the day. Whether you are barbecuing, marching in a parade or enjoying a baseball game, let's all take a few moments to consider the day's special meaning. We are proud to offer you a selection of July 4th poems by the contributing writers of My Word Wizard that speak to this very meaning.

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Flowers and Flags for Fourth of July Flowers and Flags Flowers and Flags The Ground is Covered With Flowers and Flags Flowers and Flags Flowers …

July Fourth 
on this 4th of July may we fly our flag proud and high and may we always be true to that good old red, white, and blue and may …

Born on fourth of july oh me oh my 
Independent, a patriot not patriotic I'm TNT oh me oh my Gun powder is deadly I'm born on fourth of July I come alive when I'm exposed to heat bang …

Freedom's Patriot 
Heroes are born and heroes die. Though without them this nation would surely not survive. These heroes are not unlike you and I, but unique all the …

See a flag waving high think of those who have died for the freedom of this land hold it dearly in your hands

America..What Price Liberty? 
Tears rolling down the gravestones..of our loves... That are deafening statues to a liberty..whose flame never failed us.. She wraps her lovely face …

"The Philosophy of Thinking" Duc du Clos Borrowed Limbs 
It never felt like a walk in the park with the birds chirping Nor a short drive to the nearby grocery store while the radio’s playing For each step was …

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I love my best friend, I will always make time for her, Even if my day is booked, When she needs me, I'm always there with no excuses, I always …

free as a bird but i skipped the battle stuck in a cage while others battle see if we get to be free

FIREWORKS FOR THE 4TH OF JULY! The midnight ride of Paul Revere If the British come sound the alarm Part of history, a story now austere This history, …

America..What Price Liberty? Not rated yet
Tears rolling down the gravestones..of our loves... That are deafening statues to a liberty..whose flame never failed us.. She wraps her lovely face …

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it was cold,a new born baby handsome and pure it was a boy quick blankets,record time the red blanket came it was on the 17 of july 1992 08:00 was …

One Hotdog Too many - And I'm Gratetful!!! Not rated yet
July 4th a time to hold dear barbeque laughs jokes swimming sky summer solace

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My Country 'tis of thee More so than it is of me The Spirit of Seventeen Seventy Six Is looking for problems that we might fix. In this country we …

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On lands far from their own they fall With patriotism, they heed the call With words of farewell, without hesitation Leaving behind loved ones in poignant …

"The Philosophy of Thinking" By Duc du Clos I America Not rated yet
Yes, I Am Eric As well as Erica I’m the soul of US both I may not be the Promised Land, But I’m the prosperous land Which has been offered to you …

Our Beautiful Flag Not rated yet
Our flag stands for freedom, And we are so very proud, That when it waves in the breeze, It usually draws a crowd. Its colors are so beautiful, …

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High on a hill overlooking a steam, Elephant had an exciting dream. He dreamed of swimming like a fish, To swim the ocean was his wish. And …

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