Engagement Poems

Engagement Poetry

It's that time of life when hope springs eternal. My Word Wizard's Engagement Poems collection explores every facet of this wonderful, if sometimes stressful experience. We'll help inspire you to choose the right words to ask for their hand in marriage, and we'll provide inspirational sentiments that will bring a smile throughout this amazing time of your life.

We know just how it feels when you pop that most precious of questions, or when you are asked for your hand in marriage. We remember the wonderful moment of sharing the news with friends and loved ones.

The writers at My Word Wizard had an especially warm experience revisiting their own engagement stories. Each one shared his or her reflections on that special day. Some of these sentiments came out in the wonderful verses they've crafted just for you.

This is the time when two become one. Enjoy every minute of the process.


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Marriage Proposal Poems : You only get one chance to pop the question, and our collection of poems about marriage proposals will help you say it just right when the time comes for you to ask that all important question, "will you marry me?"

Engagement Poetry : They have taken the first step in forging a new life together, and now the planning begins. Let them know you are there for them with love and support as they make their way through this amazing, but hectic time. Tell them just how you feel with some inspiring words from My Word Wizard.

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What Other Visitors Have Said

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[The big question] 
A woman to me is a treasure, worthy to search and be found. Lady now that I've found you let me prove to you that I care and love you. Will you …

"I DO" and "I WILL" 
"I Do" and "I Will" "I do" remember when we first met, giddiness and nerves excitement at best. Little did I know you would look at me, American …

Marry Me Anyway 
Some people should try to better themselves, There’s always room for improvement. One person I know well needs rearranging - Some others are fickle, …

Forever and Ever 
Will you be mine forever, and ever Because forever, and ever, is all that I pray I need you so ever, so I’ll ask you forever Because forever …

Here Waiting  Not rated yet
Your eyes remind me of the sunrise, Streaks of golden through the chocolate base, Every day that I arise, I wish to look upon your face. Youre a wonderful …

Mr Not rated yet
You look so beautiful, like never before The blessing of Amighty is showering once more You and me are made for each other let's build a house together …

Nightmares Not rated yet
Dreams Come And Dreams Go But Twice A Night Something Can Go Wrong It Can Be A Gun Shoot Or A Fight In The Street, I Close My Eyes I Can Not Sleep, …

ON BENDED KNEES Not rated yet
Like the leaves in autumn fall from the trees I too drop on bended knees No longer do I want to be just your friend Like eternity I want our love …

I Am You Not rated yet
A stranger,walks in the distance. Travailing with naught but tears as her only companion. A loss has come her way, She keeps moving in the hope that …

Will you be mine Not rated yet
Will you be mine Not for a moment, I'm speaking a life time Will you be mine forever and ever, until G-d call's time, Will you be mine , I'm not talking …

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