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What better way to mark their special day than with the collection of Birthday Poems from My Word Wizard. They're thoughtful, funny, and some are rather deep. They're sure to bring a smile and may even make them weep.

In our selection of poems you are sure to find the perfect sentiment to appeal to every taste and personality. Make them feel appreciated with a poem for their birthday.

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Funny 30th Poems : They think they are getting old, but you know that the thirties are a decade of fun and personal growth. So, poke some fun at their thinking they are over the hill with our humorous collection of poetry written just for the 30 something in mind. They'll be sure to laugh their cares away!

Funny 40th Poems : It's the big 40. Panic sets in. Help them get through this special milestone with a poem that says "everything is going to be ok". Give them a chuckle with a Funny Poem for their fourth decade. You're sure to bring a smile.

Funny 50th Poems : It's their Jubilee year and they don't look a day over 49! Come celebrate their 50th birthday with a humorous poem from our special collection. Help ease them into 50 with a thought that will make them laugh.

Happy Birthday Sayings : If you need a great birthday saying to add a little something to his or her birthday, we have a quote  just for you. Both of you will enjoy this special collection of witticisms, quips and otherwise clever remarks from the mouths and pens of the world's most illustrious personalities. 

Poems for their 21st : They've hit the big 21. They are now an adult with new responsibilities and options, including new ways to have fun! Wish them the very best on their special day with some wonderful words from the writers of My Word Wizard.

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Only for You 
Today is ur birthday, ud b 29 11yrs on birthday wishes on line, I hope u can read this n know that i care, still to this day life isn't fair. …

Sweaty players on the court This is my favorite sport. some players are pals, although they cause fouls. when you lose you're full of shame but when …

Boom and clash 
Boom and clash go the drums The shrill sound making you freeze Everyone dancing and enjoying the party Hurray! Hurray! Shout the party guests Slam …

Remember When 
Remember When you were 10 My how time does pass The next day you are 20 and 20 doesn't last. Then comes 30 and 40 And up and up from there Until …

Strange Change 
A big 1-3 Means another year older Being a teenager Means more and more change Later bedtime 8th grade An iPod touch More homework Maybe a …

I open my Facebook See you online I really, really miss you And want to chat with you To read those sweet sentences you write to me But I can’t …

Birthday Cake 
I baked my father’s birthday cake. I did it by myself. I used my mother’s cookbook that was lying on the shelf. The cookbook called for flour, …

A Critter Birthday Gathering 
Confetti all up in the air, confetti on the ground, Word about your birthday has spread through the critter town. Bumblebees are gathering for …

My Brother 
You made me cry. You stood by my side. When I was falling down you said everything is fine. So this is to the brother that I love. On this special …

Sisters Forever 
We were sister's from the beginning and you will always be in my heart The first time …

Happy Birthday Not rated yet
It's that special time of year When you and your peers Come and celebrate 1..2..3 make a wish with me HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Your birth, replaced past deaths in my life And brought unending, warming joy- That makes me feel good all the time. That's why your value- Cannot …

10 Already/Happy Birthday Not rated yet
Happy birthday you're 10 years old you were a little kid days before you're growing up, up so fast so be 10 a great kid a great person live …

spacial poems for teacher's birthday Not rated yet
Rose is red, sky is blue. oh my teacher, I love you.

My fav!!!! Not rated yet
You are my favorite sister even though I only have one I love you because you're my sis and there's nothing you can do about it!!

Puppy card Not rated yet
This puppy in his birthday suit, Says "Name you are super-cute! And now that you have just turned two, You're prettier than a kangaroo!"

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
Dearest Mom, Happy Birthday To U Don't be sad if u are becoming old! It IS your special day enjoy relax and have fun! Sincerly Daughter

For my mama on her birthday  Not rated yet
Hello there hope everything is well this morning, I know we been thru it all, but it's time to forgive and forget even if we don't want to or can't. …

Birthday Wishes For An Owl Not rated yet
Today is a day, Like any other, Only different, When I met you, You were quiet and shy, And a little strange too, Today you are older, And wiser …

Birthday Bubbly  Not rated yet
A big bubble in the air full of your favourite things if you pop it it will fall on your hair In the bubble is love hugs and kisses and all …


Bob Botter Not rated yet
Bob Botter went to buy some butter he said ''if I take some butter it will make my tounge go bitter i'll take a bit and its going to be it

geting old Not rated yet
Now you've reached this old old age Don't start to dye your hair Don't think of having face lifts And don't change the clothes you wear. Where are …

Special Friend Not rated yet
We wish upon this special day, To send some birthday love your way. Lots of time we wish to spend, With our very special friend.

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Birthday Not rated yet
This is very special day Your friendship has filled my life far beyond what words can say I give thanks to lord for sending you my way That's why …

July 4th Happy Birthday Not rated yet
Happy Birthday USA American History Day Those seeking one God above With the message of love Count the blessings freedom holds Review the documents …

My Favorite Brother Not rated yet
You made me cry when you told me it was OK but the most important thing I want to say is that I LOVE YOU and hope that on your birthday everybody …

Uncle Happy B-Day Not rated yet
I know I don't know everything but I know it's your birthday and I just want to say happy birthday even if you turn 25 or 26 or even 30 I will …

Birthday Cake Not rated yet
Butter, eggs, sugar, flour; Mix batter, bake an hour. Done yet? Smells sweet. Has to cool. Then we eat? Spread frosting then decorate. Now we …

Through the years you made me happy you said I was like a friend I just want my little girl to know this is not the end 123 abc's you've grown up …

Happy Birthday Not rated yet
This is the day I want to say, We all wish you (Happy Birthday!)

Happy Birthday Not rated yet
I wish you a happy birthday hope you don't fall into the bay please enjoy your day love from me in every way I wish you a happy birthday

Birthday Not rated yet
People who have more birthdays, They live more longer.

Birthday Wishes from Mum & Dad Not rated yet
When my mum said, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!" I knew I would always be her youngest child Doesn't matter how old I'm getting I will always be a kid in her …

BFF'S Birthday Not rated yet
I was never much of a poet, But I am when it comes to your birthday, I came to say Happy Birthday, And that we will do what we always do, I will …

You’re the One Not rated yet
You’re the one that I go to when am sad You’re the one I go to when I have no one to talk to You’re the one I love You always believe me “it’s good” …

Dad Not rated yet
Daddy is my love, he will take care of us, we also must take care, must must must....

What Do You Do Not rated yet
What do you do when the love of your life breaks your heart. What do you when your love is ripd up and torn apart. What do you when your whole …

I Just Wanna Say Not rated yet
I just wanna say that im here for you and always well. Thurz no reazon for me 2 lie my love well fail. Alwayz and for evea this iz what i alwayz …

The 12th B-Day Not rated yet
I am happy to see u have grown u make me cry. I love u so dearly where has the time gone bye? I remember when you were little you would always …

Birthday wishes Not rated yet
Each day i meet someone new, But never find another you, The world is full of people its true, Yet no one ever EQUALS a friend like you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY …

leaving your old school Not rated yet
It's the last day of school, Leaving my desk and chair to the lonely room, Remembering the noise it use to make, Leaving my heart full of ache, So …

Everything Not rated yet
look at all the things around see the pets at the pound look at all the boys omg look at all those toys go to the store look he is poor look at …

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