. . . love letters . . .

by Daisy Kizza
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

I remember - one word dragged out
To express a thought that could not be summarized
You, trying to tell me about
These feelings that could not be verbalized
Cell phone left abandoned
Coz one message could never be enough
Phone calls, so too forgotten
Coz words would fail and conversation would be tough
No sentence rhyming with the next
But every word flowed to me like a poem
My heart sang with your song
I could swear I felt as you did when you wrote them
I would just feel, an overwhelming need
Strong and fierce for a moment
To be in your arms - to feel what we feel
Let our hearts speak of their fulfillment
I miss - those days when I wouldn't fear it
Like I feel it now - silence from a text
Coz I knew that in more than a minute
It would be your letter I'd be getting next
When you would just take your time
Sit in silence - yes - take a breather
While the feelings flowed to words in your mind
And you burnt them to my heart with the pen to paper
I miss your words - no copy paste
When they came to you when you thought of me
I miss reading them again and again
Knowing every feeling wasn't just word-deep
I miss the time that I would put aside
Just to feel and know that we were forever
I miss - your handwritten, long-hand, old-school
Love letters . . . ♥

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