by Priscila Nair

'' Being in ur arms so close together,
i thought our love would last forever,
i remember the way things used to be,
when there was nothing but u & me........
now i sit sometimes alone in darkness
searching deep inside my heart's emptiness,
for me loving u was never a regret,
but ur thoughts are impossible to forget,
i will always love u with all my heart,
no matter if we are far away & apart,
i miss you & i love you so much
that i can still feel ur every touch,..
i tried to put all ur things away
but i always get them back the next day,
every song that i now play or sing..
ur memories are all it always brings,
the things i did & did not do
were all meant to say my love is true,
but i always get a tear in my eye
when i recall waving goodbye.
they say im always suffering with pain
but i actually just fall for u over & over again,
i keep telling my heart to let u go
but by doing so my tears begin to flow..
i wonder what can make things right,
as i wait for u day & night,
i wonder if u dont love & care like u used to anymore..
GOD knows what is & isnt fair,
i would ask GOD when i'd die
but now i can just scream looking at the sky,
sometimes i ask the sun, sometimes the moon,..
what in this world will bring u back,
my hopes are fading & I'm on my knee..
so just for once,..hear my plea,
please come back or give me a clue
because i just cant live my life without u........ ''

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Jan 20, 2015
by: Angela

I love it..its hard to pit how u feel down on paper but u did it Well.

Mar 08, 2013

All I can say is...Absence makes the heart grow
fonder and maybe there's some forgiving you need
to do????

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