" The River Grey "

by Rebecca Brown
(London, On Canada)

" The River Grey "

I want to sleep.

When unaware, there are no thoughts of raft building.
No internal longing,
to walk in the non-existent shoes of Huck Finn.

When unaware, I can't feel the safety,
of being alone in the flow.

Running my hands in the river.
Cold, swift sensations.
No oars, no destination.

Watching the shoreline's evolution.
Each change so subtle, yet constant.

Seeing it all, from a distance.
No leaving a footprint......that requires resistance.

I can sit still, in prayer,
to no distinct Deity.
Having no presumptions ever,
to believing in the possibility of something pure.

Blind faith, could never be, black or white.

It's just whatever I need it to be, today.

R. Brown

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