God gave me two sisters
but not any brothers
One was my little sister
My Big sister the other'''
Every morn as I left for school
Mom made me kiss the girls bye bye
front of the house near the steet
I felt like I'd been beat!
What would the guys say
about mom treating me that way?
Mom said son the day may come
You'll be glad for what you've done.
And as the years went by
I'll tell you this, no lie
As we met and grew older
I'd hug and kiss each sister.
I'd thank mom for what she did
when I was just a naive kid
Mom taught me to love and cherish
Helped me get over being foolish...
Now my Big sis has gone away
God took her home to stay
unfortunately my little sis
lives miles and miles away.
In a way we have parted
but I'm not broken hearted
Mom was right when she said son
you'll be glad for what you've done...

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