2012 - Armageddon?

by Peter Allen Eaglesfield Clarke
(Winchester, Hampshire, UK)

2012 - Armageddon?

The storm clouds are rising and it’s getting quite black
As I look out of my window at a tumble down shack
I think it’s quite fitting and a good Metaphor
As we see in the New Year and show the old one the door

Earthquakes and famines, tsunamis and bombs
We await Armageddon for all of our wrongs
For this year for some is when the world will destruct
There are many believers who think that we’re f--ked

Now the Mayan Calendar has come to conclusion
The Earth’s had enough of the human contusion
It is battered and bruised by our pillage and rape
As we strip its resources and keep changing its shape

I know that it will take far more effort than rhyme
But I like to think that we will wake up in time
I pray for great change and THE leader to come
Who will enlighten the people to what they have done

The White Eagle soars high and it shows us the way
We need to send out the light in our work and our play
But there is one simple fact that just can’t be ignored
We need to have balance, so that chi is restored

The foundations on which we now base our society
Have started to crumble with a gross impropriety
Corporate greed means that people come last
While the privileged few are still having a blast

We are out of kilter now, everything has gone wrong
The Human race needs a somewhat different song
So how will it happen? I really don’t know
But I do know that we will soon reap what we sow

There may be an apocalyptic cataclysmic event
That will ensure to the very next realm we are sent
But I really do hope that will not be the case
And we don’t see the end of the whole human race

Although there’s a last gasp attempt to keep it all flying
The energy’s changing and the masculine’s dying
As we gain spiritual wisdom in the Aquarian age
We will develop our values and become far more sage

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