On Top of the Mountain

They've reached a milestone of adulthood. Our 21st Birthday Poems collection celebrates this important turning point with lovely sentiments from the writers of My Word Wizard.

Challenges abound, but they are stepping out and asserting their independence. There’s much to learn, but you believe in them and are always there to provide support and an encouraging word. 

Whether it's your child, your friend, or just a special person in your life, send them amazing birthday wishes and let them know how proud of them you are.

For You

This is a day you’ve waited for forever
You now are twenty one.
We’re proud of you, our daughter
And all that you have done.
We hope your birthday is a good one
And that your wishes all come true.
So now we say to you with love,
‘Happy 21st birthday to you.’

A New Beginning

We finally are the age of 21!
Our life now has just begun.
We can go out and enjoy ourselves
We can go out and have a party!
Let’s go have some fun
Let’s do what we couldn’t do.
Let’s get the party started
And not stop until sunup

The World Anew

Today you are finally 21!
We are so proud of you.
You are a wonderful son
and you’ll see the world anew.
Doors are open that were closed
And there are new responsibilities
You’ll be seeing different things
That every twenty one year old sees.

A Memorable Day

Today’s your 21st birthday.
It’s a day to celebrate.
A day to enjoy being alive,
And a day to spend with friends.
Go out and enjoy your day.
You are now officially an adult.
It’s a day you will remember
For the rest of your life.

The Wait is Over

Today is a day you’ve waited for
Now you’ve turned the age of 21.
Have some fun, have some beer
And spend some time with your friends.
Don’t be afraid to celebrate
You have made it through.
And we’re very happy to say,
‘Happy 21st birthday to you.’

Poetry by Sharon Hendricks

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