5 Senses of Love

by Allison E Pattion
(Memphis, TN)

At the mere sight of you
My pulse races.
Pumping in time
To an erratic beat.

In that moment
I am a causality of love.
My breath is accosted
By your overwhelming existence.

Profusely my heart palpitates.
In your presence
My mind blanks
At the magnitude of your beauty.

Thoughts of ravaging your body
Consumes me.
A need to touch you
Absorbs my sensibilities.

My common sense lessens.
I am without self-control
Removed of rational thinking.

As you approach
My five senses heighten.
My body becomes hypersensitive
I am a slave to my emotions.

My ability to see strengthens…
The sight of you causes immediate visions of love.

My ability to hear magnifies…
The sound of your voice vibrates beats of euphoria through my pores.

My ability to smell intensifies…
Your aroma is the intoxication of love.

My ability to touch quantifies…
The embrace of your arms reminds of entangled nights of passion.

My ability to taste increases…
The silkiness of your skin tantalizes my nerve endings.

The 5 senses of our love are…
An eruption of lust
An encounter of sensual stimulation
An orgasmic sensation of intoxicating bliss.

Copyright Allison E Pattion
© 2010

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