80+ degrees Fahrenheit

by matthew scott harris
(schwenksville, pennsylvania)

welcome to sweater, per spur ration season!

welcome to sweater, per spur ration season!

prior to this day March 13th, (Friday) 2018,
the local climate (here in Schwenksville,
Pennsylvania) did accord
with weather more aligned

more apropos with late winter so summery spike
of Mercury thermometers
for those of you old enough to remember
(Careful NOT to chomp

on fragile slender tubular glass),
whence silvery liquid metal would poison...
like sting of a scorpion, anyway
(regional forecast by meteorologists)

attested by the outsize
outside electronic bulletin board
(situated on the property
of Perkiomen Valley High School)

where space doth a ford
to envision a spectacular sight, this gourd
jess scenic tract, nonetheless registered
over eighty degrees, and hoard

of wives, sans special treasure re: bond
courtesy viz Mother Nature Spring time bounty
on the verge to yield ample harvest
to fill cornucopia horn of plenty

Omaha lore dee Lord
ah...the picturesque setting found me eyes moored
thus temptation pitched perfect game of LIFE
where fauna and flora sub woofing audio-
logically roared, and this Homo Sapien

felt his psyche scored
with the golden radiant sear ching,
transcendent, transparent transient rods,
whereat thy face turned toward

cerulean vault - a cathartic, electric,
and fantastic panacea to ward
off lingering late winter moody blues
as many a lan yard
flush with excited children of a lesser god.

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