A Big Party

by Gin Goode
(Greenfield, Indiana USA)

There is a party that has been planned
like one there's never been.
But we must try to understand,
that we will not know when.

The reason we cannot know,
and why we are made to wait,
Is so we'll be prepared to go
no matter what the date.

To be as ready as we can
for it may be tonight,
When we are taken by the hand,
and told the time is right.

And we will follow where we're led
and we will go happily,
For there is nowhere else instead
that we would rather be.

And when finally we reach the place
where there are joyful tears,
We're thankful that we kept the faith
to be invited here.

The voices that we recognize
from somewhere way back when,
We'll quickly come to realize
are from some long lost friends.

We'll celebrate with all our kin
the ones we love the most,
at a party that will never end
With Jesus as our host.

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