A Call to Christmas; Christ's Gift To The World

by Peace Ore-Adewole
(Nigeria )

So yeah it's Christmas time a time for all to celebrate
Been anticipating, waiting for the chill Christmas wind to blow in
I could just imagine walking the streets with the Christmas lights glowing
I thought about how beautiful homes will be decorated with stockings and tree

Oh! I can't forget the excitement of the children just at the mention of "Father Christmas!"
I could already hear the carol of the bells ringing from a distance!
Christmas is near and I could feel it in the air

I was so lost in my cloud of thoughts that I didn't realize the skies were getting blotched.
In a haste I packed up my things so I could head on back 'cuz the day was almost getting dark

I suddenly paused to admire a billboard advertising the 'reason for the season'
I couldn't wait to ponder because I got distracted by the roaring of thunder
In a bid to hide from the rain I scurried back home feeling drained.

I couldn't help but think about the advert I saw
I spent hours thinking of the perfect Christmas without actually knowing what it's real significance was
I came to the realization that everyone had their own definition
To the children, Christmas Means 'Santa'
which with excitement the chant as their daily mantra

To some, Christmas Means food
The rice, with the chicken grilled and barbecued.
To others, it means decorations
the Christmas trees, the cards, the lights as a form of beautification
Also to some workers, it simply means holiday!
like 'I can't just wait to close up and be on my way'

And to me ,it means the sharing of gifts.
all this made me realize that gradually everyday we drift
We drift yes!
we've drifted from what Christmas is all about
it's a time to share and spread Joy everywhere
yes without a doubt
but I'm not saying all that is bad
don't get me wrong
all I'm saying is it's becoming sad
that we get carried away with the pleasures just so we could belong

Christmas is more than the beautiful carols; the Jingle Bells, the Ding Dongs and the Songs.
it's even more than the shepherd story ,the Gift of the wise men, the baby born in a manger and when he was in danger.

So what's the point of this story
without the lead character in all his glory
let me paint a picture for you
we often get carried away by Christmas symbols instead of focusing on the one who brought these things into existence
He is life, the spirit that became flesh so all men could be saved
powers and darkness bow down just at the mention of his name
He is the creator of all things, Commander and Captain of the Lord's host.
He is the Trinity, God the Father, son and the Holy Ghost

So how then do we now forget the main reason for our existence
when he is Christ, The Gift of the Father to the world
who brought us salvation, the greatest gift of all
so that those who may know him we will be saved and redeemed.

So you see there's more to Christmas than being a festival
it's a day we celebrate Christ's gift to the world
so my perfect Christmas is not in the decorations, or the carols, the food or the gifts.
Now my Christmas is perfect because of Christ's gift to the world!
A call to Christmas; Christ's Gift to the World..

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