A Chance, A Miracle

by Shaista Khadim

Someone on the point of death
Can be saved
When a miracle takes place
Life takes another way.

Can a miracle
Save my life?
Can a miracle
Make you smile?
Can a miracle
Make us move on?
Can a miracle
Make us go on?
Can a miracle
Give happiness to us?
Can a miracle
Lift off this curse?

I don't think so;
You were right when had you said:
"A man can mould his destiny"
So why on miracle do we depend?

A miracle is nothing but a second chance
To live
To make things right
To believe.

So let's pull everything together
And fight against all odds
Let's make our breath a miracle
By living it to the fullest.

Let's use this chance
To show the world
The power of friendship
Our destiny, we will mould.

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