A child's Reality

by Keith H. Seymour
(Columbia, South Carolina, America)

you gave me life,
and though that conception and birth
is not related to anything of physical origin,
I originated from the most important part of you.
I am truly your real child…in each and every way.
You are, and always will be… mother, father,
confidant, and protector to me.
I will always try to be…son, friend, confidant,
protector, and respecter
of you.

A mutual relationship existing… for eternity.
For anything less… would be
an unforgivable betrayal
what you made, and gave to me.
A life… created by something greater than… biology.

No, it was not the conception of your body that made me
who and what I truly am.
I was created entirely by that which only could be… and was
conceived by all that you are… all that defines your heart.
My conception as your child was born of
the same emotional, spiritual, and disciplined love
that those who sprang from your loins
have always had extended to them.

So, when people ask this non-biological child,
if I ever got to know my real parents,
my heart smiles as I say, “Yes.”
When they ask me
when this meeting took place,
I say it was the very same day
that you not only took me into your home,
And gave me your name.
But when you concurrently took me into, and gave me… your heart.

Ever since,
I have always tried to extend the same courtesy to you.
Not out of obligation...but mutually eternal love.

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