A Christmas Carol - An Elegy

by Rose
(United Kingdom)

An unsigned card,
An empty place,
and most of all
the ghostly face
of many, many happy Christmas pasts.

Winter has never been so hard,
so cold,
the dark days never seemed so old,
and spring time is a hundred years away.

It will pass
at last....

Memories glow raw in the embers of the fire
but they will soften.
You will remember, and allow a smile.
And in a while
the ghost of Christmas present will take your hand and lead you
to Christmas yet to come.
And then you will look back and see
the glistening snow upon the trees
and the mistletoe
in the fire’s warm glow
and the crispness of the deep white snow
and know that he is with you
and we are with you too.

This Carol is for him and you
and everyone who
has to face,
an unsigned card,
an empty place.. ...
at Christmas.

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