A Christmas Story

by Thomas Vaughan Jones
(Liverpool, UK)

It was Christmas Eve in the superstore,
and the world was quiet and still.
Never a sight of customers,
nor the ching of a ringing till.
The lights were dimmed, the counters closed,
and every door locked tight,
And then the voice of a tiny doll
broke the silence of the night.

She spoke of a house on Main Street,
where a little girl and boy
had not received one present
in this season full of joy.
Their Daddy was sick and out of work,
their Mom was wracked with care,
there was barely enough to make ends meet,
and never a penny spare.

They had no clothes to keep them warm,
no food to grace their plate.
No shoes to guard their blistered feet,
nor fire for the grate.
No blankets on their little bed
as they lay down to sleep.
No tender touch to heal the dreams
that made the children weep.

The toys were quiet and pensive
as they heard this tale of woe.
For Main Street was a long, long way,
the roads were paved with snow.
Then a Teddy Bear decisively
declared he knew a way.
They could travel there together
riding on a clockwork sleigh.

And so transpired a miracle
that no one would believe.
A hundred toys went riding off
that magic Christmas Eve.
Theirs was a simple mission,
to spread some Christmas cheer.
to make two children happy
at this season of the year.

The wind howled through the lonely streets,
and bitter was the cold,
The Winter grinned in fiendish glee
and tightened up its hold
The little sleigh slid bravely on
against the awesome force
Buffeted by the icy gales,
it tried to keep its course.

The toys were cuddled tightly
in an effort to keep warm
Each one had battled bravely
to defeat the dreadful storm.
Street by street and block by block
they trod each thoroughfare
Led by the hope of a little doll
and a tiny Teddy Bear

They kept the faith that Christmas Eve
and did not shirk nor flinch,
Against all odds they made their way
and fought for every inch.
Until at last they reached their goal,
and thought the task worthwhile,
As they warmed their hearts in the golden glow
of the children's happy smile.

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Aug 05, 2015
Rhyme and rhythm
by: Anonymous

A moving tale, told in superb style

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