A Creative Warning

by Lacey Sims
(Houston, Texas, U.S.)

I wanted to tell ya, but I can’t just sell ya on this priceless treasure keeping my wicked mind away. I discovered a secret. I hope you can keep it because I don’t waste my time and play. It’ll make you wary and effect your friend Larry but understand, he’ll be okay. I’ll repeat this just to make it clear because to be honest you’ll probably shed a tear. Really all I've got to say is…If you are happy and excited, you are free and as welcoming as can be, including me. I haven’t forgotten to mention it’s my and you all’s lucky day, we have been chosen to rule the world and become leaders of the way! Now don’t be afraid for its only yesterday’s tomorrow. Get out of bed and pick up the sorrow because we will have a blast and as the speaker of this rhyme I’ll make sure it should last. But be careful you should listen again to what I have to mention. Don’t go to school or you will only get detention. Also eat all the cake you want! Who cares! Live and enjoy, don’t use your life as a silly toy! Wake up sleepy head, you have to pee, hurry before the blankets will want to flee. But seriously, get up this is no joking around, you are about to burst. Okay, it's your last chance, don’t make me ache, because I’m you and you are me. You are dreaming! Wake up so I can be free!

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