A Day In Spoons Shoes

by William P. Marino
(Billerica, MA)

He walked into the room 
Looking for a chair
Not for himself
His brother was there.
We wonder what it must be like
To try and fill shoes so mighty. 
Huge yet humble.
Great yet graceful 
Makes one feel grateful. 
We're sharing his grief.
He lends us both pause, and relief.
Sometimes our issues seem like a burden
His love for his brother stops us from hurting.
Real stuff gets lost when we're distracted.
The man was portraying without acting.
What life and death are like without over reacting.
He lulled us with words that sounded like tunes.
A melodious moment, a day in Spoon's shoes.
He walked into the room looking for a chair
Not for himself
His brother was there.

PTSD Poetry by Liam Marino
(An empty chair is symbolic for a veteran that has passed in our PTSD drop-in).

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