A door that must be opened.

by Michele Long
(Wiltshire, UK)

I feel the crawling inside like an intrusive force
I have accepted, I must let matters take there natural course
I am in a position of hopelessness and despair
My heart is screaming and my mind is going nowhere

I am at the end of the line, frustrations are building inside
Yet I smile sweetly and agree, all the torment I hide
How on earth do you tame an earth energy that is strong
Screaming to me so loudly, this is not where you belong

I am imprisoned, entombed and confined
I have lost sight of what is true I am momentarily blind
I need to get out of the situation that is dragging me further than I can bear
My spirit is crying out to me it is wailing in despair

I know I have to make changes and they have to be carried out soon
Otherwise the path I follow in this life will be completely out of tune
You are killing me you make me feel anger that I didn’t know I could feel
This situation is not pleasant for me anymore its definitely not ideal

I need to break and soon from the cycle that engulfs me
I need to breathe and release all the obstructions currently I see
I need to liberate my soul it deserves much more
Than walking every morning through the devils door

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