A Dying Soldier Surrenders to God

by Manny English Phd (Captain USAF, Ret.)
(Seattle, Washington)

Evacuated to Walter Reed on a bloody medical cart,
Captain's now at his bedside to give his purple heart.
Both momentarily think about a distant Afghani war;
where fellow soldiers die without knowing what for.

Lying there, does he understand his situation right?
Some offering hope, wanting him to stay in this fight.
Though deeply wounded all knowing that he's dying,
family still asking and begging him to keep on trying.

Doctors stitching, feeding him with dozens of pills;
yet, still having those excruciating aches and chills.
The enemy's IED shattered his body in many ways.
Knowing his life is over, he wants no hurting days.

Nurses holding his hand and doing double talking;
understanding well he won't live to do any walking.
Having several grave medical issues still pending.
Mind knowing what's best signals this is his ending.

His mother and father are now standing by his side,
understanding he'll be in a better place once he's died.
Completely thankful that he's always loved them so;
wanting no pain for him, yet their tears say don't go.

The Chaplain's by his bed; he wishes to go tonight.
Hanging on in his wretched condition isn't right.
So remove the life machines and then let him go,
while his mind is still clear; his body is now the foe.

After his mother's final kiss and a soft gentle hug,
he smiles; then gives the cue it's now time to unplug.
Eyes break away from him before this final step;
family faces are covered with tears they've wept.

Suddenly a new caregiver is now on the scene.
Not really knowing whether it's real or a dream.
In a new dimension, he feels no pain in his chest;
now in God's Valhalla, he's found peaceful rest.

Manuel L. English, Ph.D.
(Captain, USAF Ret.)

Dedicated to all Veterans
©Copyright: November 11, 2013

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