A Face of Lies

by Anonymous

Dose a mirror lie?
A deceptive face with eyes of steel glares into my soul.
A face of intimidation startles me. I wish not to look, I wish not to glance, I wish not to anger.
Although I catch my self not being able to look away, eyes of mesmerizing depth embrace my whole being,drawing me into their dwelling; a place of darkness and pain.
A place were emotion engulfs consciousness more so then the sensations of life.
A halo composed of demons circles above, chanting whispers of dread.
Anxiety rushes through my veins, the thump of my heart grows troublesome. Thoughts of another life arise, sorrow presses upon an already heavy heart, the compression of continually suppressed emotions weighs the weight of the universe's burdens.
A face in the mirror of lies through thick dream smoked eyes, I sigh and wash my face.The day must start.

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