by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA)

Through the meadow through the glen
Look carefully where you place your step
Because they're so small they tend to blend
You’ll be sorry if you make a misstep.

Winged and magical they tend their garden well
The honeysuckle their favorite all around treat
Be careful my friend of the queen fairy’s spell
If you should see her run, her never wait to meet.

Within the flowers fairies have their rooms
Full of mischief and bags of pixy dust
Fairies live amongst the wild flower blooms
Careful and cautious they just don’t trust.

Across the forest as they roam and serve nature
Their job to tend and to protect it’s creatures
With vines and thistles used for architecture
Some with wings many with human features.

Tales of Fairies have spanned the globe
For centuries their stories are told
As they fly they look like a light strobe
So many stories, stories of ancient old.

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