A Farewell To Monroe Louisiana

by Lulu Keel Wells
(Caerphilly Wales U K)

Dear Monroe, you and I must say farewell for a while.
I'm torn between reflections, a tear, a frown and a smile.
Thinking of things, keeping close in my heart
Memories to cherish while we must be apart.

The sound of birdsong on the front porch, so achingly sweet.
The feel of the church carpet, soft and thick, beneath my feet.
Hearing "Love ya, sister!" from someone I hardly know.
Singing "Love lifted me!" from the centre of the front row.

The flavours, so many and varied, which shall I try first?
Doughnuts, sweet and airy, iced tea to quench my thirst!
Strong coffee, hot cornbread, cajun food spicy as can be,
And rich chocolate milk, poured by one who loves me.

Then the personalities, how I shall treasure every one!
The big preacher man who's always giving, whose work is never done.
The brother who is more than brother, more than friend.
The little Bo cat, who took our hearts away with him at the end.

I'm leaving you all now, flying away on wings flecked with tears.
And though I leave my dear Monroe for only months, not years,
My heart must needs be sad, for this I know. When
that joyous first time once is past,
It cannot come back again.

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