A Faultless Choice

by Jade Alexandria
(Las Vegas, NV)



Toast to the future of our demise as another line's verified,
nurses say we'd have to wait and this too will pass in time.
Only time sinks deeper in a pit where I face the results of my mistakes
The glimpse becomes an energy I recognize, one that I've loved though will forsake.
And since the bump is barely seen they say it's not so truly there,
though it's an entity I feel breathe inside of me they're unaware.
An entity that I'll leave behind as soon as these pills kick in,
they turn my tribulations into my trials 'til we're both stuck still within.
I could try my best to go on with the struggle we have already lost,
instead I'll lose my mind and memory at only four-hundred to cost.
The Way to Wage a Life so new by Sea, Land, Air, or Sun,
hide the truth inside a lie so they don't know what I have done.
Then as they said it would time passes as it does all the same,
and out of the blue the nurses tell me that it has happened once again.
Only this time you open your eyes to have mine and yours meet.
Hypnotized by the perfection that's been set in front of me.
All the scars that were left without regret suddenly start to have a reason,
tears of fear become of joy, as I gain Strength from being weakened.

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