A Free Thinking Individual

by Salma Said
(Dharan, Alsharkia, Saudi arabia)

I look around me and feel something missing
Not that I can see, but strongly can feel….
I want to fix it, but strangely, it can’t heal.
My friend had changed, and that angered me…
She said she wanted to be perfect, and then dodged me
It hurts my feelings, but I won’t follow
‘Cause sorry, no one can be perfect……
People try to copy others, instead of learning from one another

You start acting like a fool
Thinking it will make you look cool
Believing no one will mess with you
Wanting everyone to love you…..
But life is not a plan, it's art.
You don’t know what may happen, but you have expectations
And instead you end up with some reflections
It happens to everyone……not just you.

No one is perfect, but everyone is special
Special, because they are different
Different than everybody else
Because they are being themselves…..
I am 100% original
A free thinking individual
That nobody can belittle……
Because we are all the same…..
So just simply be yourself.

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