A Friend

by Shaista Khadim

People come and go
Situations change
Moments live and die
While I stand feeling strange.

There was a time
When I was lone;
When my heart forgot the song.

There were moments
When I felt like dying
When I felt like the demon
When I forgot the star's shine.

They seem like the previous chapter
Of my life's book
Every page now brings with it a change
Every page is a new look.

The song of my heart
The star's shine
All have returned
In this heart of mine.

All this is due to a stranger
Who has taken up the position
of someone special in my life
Someone I can call a friend
Someone who can stand in my strife.

Though everything is not perfect between us
I still know
Life will give us what we deserve
So we try to move on.

People come and go
Situations change
Who doesn't change is a friend
Who never let's me feel strange.

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by: S.W.K

Shaista never say that u were alone coz u werent it wasnt da presence of dat some1 special but ur own perspective
no one can make your presence better except only wen u beleive in urself 2 ....
u r gods most beautiful creation so plz always stay proud and never underestimate urself .... even wen dat sum1 special is nt around , which judging by ur words seems impossible!!!

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