A Friend's Love...

by Shaista Khadim

Love was once challenged by God
Not so long ago
Said He: "Traverse the world
And your true meaning, go explore"

So Love set out
Going from place to place
Met people, things
From Earth to Space.

It met a cave of Gold
Asked it, "Where am I?"
The Cave replied, "In the Gold! In the snakes guiding it"
Love left with a sigh.

It met a Property Broker
Asked him the same
He replied, "The buildings and my properties are my Love"
Love left, thinking he too was insane.

It met a miser
Repeated the question
"Oh my my. My money is my love", He retorted
Love moved on without satisfaction.

It met a mother
This time, asked while singing,
She ripped open her heart and in it was the picture of her children
And Love, proud, swayed on with the wind.

It met some birds, enjoying the wind
Asked, "Who am I for you?"
Swaying, they replied, "Our freedom. The open sky."
It moved on, saying, "True. Very true."

It met a child
Asked the same to him
First he stared, then said,"Ice-Cream"
Giving him five flavours, it moved on with a grin.

It met a sister
Put forward the same one
She replied,"My sister, the guardian and the friend"
It went further, with complaints none.

It met a married man
And asked him to answer
He said,"My life partner: My wife, with me in every turn"
Sensing in his eyes the truth, it moved further.

It met the stars
Asked them where It was
They said in unison, "The black night, who let's shine to our fullest"
Still curious, Love passed.

It finally met a friend
Who answered before It could ask
Said he, "You are Love"
And upon It's probing, answered the friend:

"I see you in the presence
Of my friend
I see you in the actions
Of my friend.

"I see you in the tears
That my friend sheds when I'm hurt
I see you in the cup
That my friend, with happiness,fills."

Satisfied,Happy and Content
Love returned with pride.
This poem is to my dear friend
Who I will cherish throughout my life.

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Not always.....
by: Wabil Janjua

the poem brought tears to my eyes ..... but there is one thing i would say ..... not everyone you come across in your life are meant to be cherished especially the one's who fall in love with you...

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