A Future Destined

by daniel miltz
(hampstead, nh)

At the point, when she was youthful
During the times of yesteryear
An invigorating day mutters cleverly to her
With a delicate blending through the trees
She recalls a rough looking plume of breeze
Holding its feathered head tall in ease, meandering
Restlessly, in sun mists, of outside ozone playing
While, her feathered companions of the sky
Swelling with sweet longing
Flies out spreading a long way
From her with astonished yearning
She sees a breathtaking grand fledgling
Fluttering over the limb clearness
A most moving catch of swiftness
She feels an enthusiasm of nature bond
By looking at this exceptional second
Besides, she sees all that is moving
Without a doubt in skybound peering
While investigating the sky celestial
She again observes, these love bird animals
Taking off and blooming with twists
Flying through the incomplete sun and mists
Through the breeze, stopping in tree nest
Currently settling each with a song bellow
On God's projected sapling outgrow
Whilst' gazing at the paradise's endlessness
She gazes in profound idea, far less
Of the unfortunate, way of the world, hereafter
A (spiritual) force that predetermines the future
By a supernatural or divine will mastery
And meditating about her own predetermined destiny

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