by William Artigas
(Miami, Florida, USA)

Late at night I think of life.
think of all my homies doing time
and those that died.
I think of how much I've made my mother cry,
prison bids and coffins
only thing this style promise.
the faces you so much loved
can haunt you thru years in a cage,
dwelling on your mistakes.
happiest memories can become
your most bitter enemy.
so I seek and strive to change
before I go mad
in a style that's insane.
I seek inner peace cause I no longer love
these wicked streets.
I seek to calm the beast
that lays dormant in my soul.
and seek to repair the torn heart within myself.
I seek wisdom in hopes to recover the love
of a woman that I once had.
I seek to be a light among demons
in a savage gang
and as I pray I ask G-d to show me the way
and when I die show no mercy for my wicked life we all gotta pay the price
but acknowledge I tried to change my life

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People join gangs because their family and others
let them down. But if you join up with Jesus, He
will never let you down. That's a promise....

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