“A Gift From God”

by Mr. Derace D. Owens
(Jacksonville, Texas, U.S.A)

It is said That Ours Is One Life To Live, A Time And A Place Where One Can Give, Not Guided through the use of maps and charts, But Through The Inspiration And Purification Of Our Hearts. There is something So True And Grand, So Precious And Loving, It Had To Be Planned, Not Made Artificially, Here On This Earth, But In A Higher Place Of Happiness And Mirth. For years and years, I Searched And Prayed, The Empty Disappointment Of Lonliness Arrayed, the fun and excitement that i could find, Did Not Bring Happiness And Contentment To My Mind! Suddenly and Sweetly, She Came To Me, One Who Through Her Love, Set Me Free, One Who,s Depth Of Beauty Enlightened My Soul, One Who’s Pure Heart, And Kind Words Made Me Whole. If You’ve Ever Met Her, You Will Know, In This Special Someone, Your Heart Will Glow, “I Thank God For This Beautiful Presence In My Life,” “He Gave Me Everything, He Gave Me My Wife!” Buzz Owens

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