A Golden Thread

by Lulu Keel Wells
(Caerphilly, Wales, UK)

A Golden Thread.

A golden thread is flowing 'cross the sea.
It stretches out between your heart and mine
Although a thousand thousand million miles
Should come between, and walls as high as heav'n
Should try to break the thread, yet this I know:
The thread will hold, its strength will never fail!
'tis stronger far than crystal, tough as steel!
Much Finer than the finest woven silk.
It links our hearts, our minds, our very souls.
My sweet, you need not fear that I'll forget,
Or lightly hold the love that binds us both.
It is a part of me, and so are you.
As long as we shall live, for all our days,
This golden thread will hold us both in love.
Each other's happiness shall be our care,
And love, and friendship always will be ours.
You'll never be alone, my dearest one!
Our golden thread will keep you near to me.
Just touch it, and you know that I'll be there.

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