A Great First Class Petty Officer

by First Class Boatswain's Mate
(Las Vegas)

A Great First Class Petty Officer should be able to:

* Accomplish origination * Give direction
* Authorize work * Solve problems * Complete tasks
* Train others
* Provide, Safety, support and structure, understanding
* Instruct the team
* Over come, Adapt and Conquer
* Help others in trouble * Assist the team
* Lend an ear
* Add to the back bone of the command
* Praise in public/Scold in private
* Endure the Seven Seas and the field
* Leadership * Give encouragement.

I have been shot at and missed,
shit at and hit.
Provided cover,
head of camp security,
set-up and take down and comfort
Crawled through the mud, blood and beer
Days without sleep
Stood BMOW during crises time
Expert marksmen with most weapons,
NAM and more.

I stand with PRIDE,
I accomplished this and more
and was signed off on all.

Now, I am a Retired First Class Boatswain's Mate,
I have one task or mission I have not been signed off on
or endured, conquered, mastered, overcome, exposed or adapted to.

The emptiness in my arms, heart and soul
Of the LADY I LOVE all so DEAR.
Though miles away I yearn
She is My Love, My Mate and in my Soul

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Jun 06, 2012
A Fellow PO
by: Ken

I am a retired Royal Australian Navy retired Petty Officer, same as you mate, we are only PO, CPO, WO. I loved your poem, sick to death reading about retired CPO's. Yours is the only poem I've read about our rank.
I completed 20 years Permenant Navy and 8 years Reserves. Finished up a PO Medical Advanced Clinical.........
Take care mate
Ken O'Keefe

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