A Heartbreaking Twist on "Roses are Red"

by A Girl With a Broken Heart
(In Solitude)

Roses are red, violets are blue, you fell for me and I fell for you<
But the violet's blue has faded and the roses have long since died,
and I need someone new to remind me why I am alive

The roses have wilted and the violets are dead, did I imagine the whole thing? Was it all in my head?

Were all of these efforts I made in vain? I swear, without you I am going insane

But the new seeds of violets and roses have been sown, so that hopefully one day I will no longer have to be alone...

But the beauty I see in the violets anew, reminds me of your eyes that shine bright blue

And it begins all again and now that I know, I start to see pieces of you wherever I go...

And although these violets and roses, youthful and new...
Will never be as beautiful as the ones I planted for you...

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2017 February rain storm
by: Amanda Romero ames iowa

I wrote most of this in a Google search bar by advocac accident and when i tried to copy it to paste in noted it sent it instead and Google returned with a thank you letting me know that everything searched Breco becomes propertyof Google. It was much much longer. Was in beginning months of 2017 heavy rain storm night

by: michael dowds

great the sun will always shine on this poem its just great

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