A Human with an Asterisk

by D.L. Turnicut
(Somewhere on Earth)

I walk the lonely road
Prodded along by those who shout
Away with you!

You've no place on this earth.

If you fight us, you fight alone
surely you will die in solitude,
Corpse burnt and putrid
Buried deep in unconsecrated earth.

Dare not to dwell among us
The noble ones
For thou ain’t worthy of the honor

Of your children we have no need
They are as fetid as you

We who seek the brotherhood of men
Find you distasteful
A scourge on humanity

From the right and from the left
you are reviled
You who hold fast to tribal ties
are unwanted

Melt away so that men might finally know peace.
You who invented war through sinister machinations,
will we quarantine,
excluding your brood from the comity of nations.

Our hands were forced in better days,
and you were duly warned.
If we maim and murder your women once again,
Tear your children apart limb from limb
Steal your humanity
You’ve only yourself to blame

You obliged us to slaughter your young
that we might protect our own.
Do not invite us to revisit
our past glories.

Those who watch the blood games from afar
they who do not join in,
will not raise a hand to help,
Nor extend even token pity
For you are loathed by all
And those who do not loathe
Do not care.

So walk the straight path, neither left nor right
Hasten your departure from among us
That we may breathe the fresh air once again

I look to my left and I see scorn
To my right, unconcealed disgust
I walk ahead toward an uncertain future
burdened by the weight of the odium of men.
There is no pleasure in being despised
It is deleterious to the soul

Perhaps they wish us to commit communal suicide
Masada redux

We are gleefully informed that even in death
They shall hate us
as they did once before.
Hate us for making them kill us

The filthy stench hangs heavy in the air
The odor of detestation
How long will they grant us leave to draw air into our lungs
they who have been kind enough to do so since 1945.
We have tried their patience
Overstayed our welcome on this earth

I am a Jew
Yes, a human being
I am not a human with an asterisk

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Mar 06, 2012
Thank You
by: D.L. Turnicut

Thank you to the both of you.

Mar 06, 2012
SO damn awesome
by: Anonymous

sorry for my vocabulary man but... holy f***ing shit! This text has made me feel so many deep sensations... It has totally transported me to another place, another time period... and I´ve felt the suffocation you transmit with those words.
Congratulations. One of the best texts I´ve read here.
much love and appreciation.

luis ullán.

Mar 06, 2012
V = Victory
by: Jan Eelman

Strong and deep, feel the pain through it, never forget that there are also people who always did, do and in the future support the Jew community around the words......

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