"A Humble Prayer"

by Leslie Ann Rummel
(Newnan, GA, USA)

Heavenly Father, God above;
You are to me Agape love!
In Your gentle, loving care,
You listen to my every prayer.
My needs today are but a few;
And I bow my head to ask of You.
Bless the path my feet shall trod;
Counsel me in Thy ways, Oh God.
Guide me through each life endeavor;
I praise Your holy name, forever!
Make strong, my mind, body and soul;
Protect me from the Evil Foe!
Forgive me of iniquity;
Make me what I ought to be.
When at times, I lose my way;
Draw me near, Lord when I stray.
Let my faith, the gift from You;
Grow stronger in Your Word, so true.
Grant me wisdom above all measure;
And knowledge from Your hidden treasure.
Enable me to do Your Will,
So that, in You, my life's fulfilled!
Delight in me when I stop to pray;
Keep me safe by night and day.
Be my voice, my hands, my feet;
Make Your work in me complete.
Stir me up to seek Your face;
I bask in Your amazing grace.
My voice is raised – To You I sing
Praises to You, Lord and King!

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