A Journey Through Books

by Emilee DeFrancesco

Take a journey with me,
View magical and mystical things.
Fly along with a Quidditch team,
The grainy wood of the broomstick beneath your palms.
Feel the ancient hum of magic
And the scent of the mint and orange
Of Nicholas’s and Josh’s auras.
Witness the threatening sight of
The Zodiacs as they enter battle.
Listen, with Sadie and Carter,
As Set’s pyramid tumbles down.
Skip with Dorothy and Toto,
The flowers waving at you.
Sit with Hermione and Ron,
Drinking rich, golden butterbeer.
Poof-ing in and out of scenes,
A brighter-than-the-sun light signifying the end of it.
Be a fly on the wall,
Watching the scenes for only seconds.
Reading a book is like a journey,
Going here and there throughout time,
A never-ending journey,
Fun that lasts forever.

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