A Journey Through Fate

by Madison Allen White
(Morehead City, North Carolina)

Misunderstood by many
Truly known by few
I choose my destiny
Just as I have chose you

Fate spoke to me
On the darkest of nights
Left me unscathed
And told me to fight

To not let my heart
Be overcome with ice
To remind of what I once had
And to travel to gain sight

I did not know
What this could have meant
But all I know
Is I feel alive again

What I tried to end
Pain unsurpassed
You melt away
Because I let you in

A special place I have known
A place I call home
My body, mind, heart and soul
All of those you hold

You have put half of the puzzle
Together once more
The journey I will take
A journey i hope you'll explore
A journey not of hate or distaste
But a journey of fate forevermore

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